Adam Lambert Reveals New Album Details

Adam Lambert has been slowly releasing details on his upcoming second post American Idol album and now we’ve got even more info: the title and his first single.

In early October Adam revealed his new album had been delayed. The cause? He wanted it perfect. Fair enough. I’m sure his fans want it perfect too.

Later last month Adam Lambert teased us with more info on the album. This time he shared that its vibe would be a mash-up of NIN and George Michael. Very interesting.

Now we’re getting even more details. The album is set to release in spring 2012, which we already knew, but what’s new is that it will be titled “Trespassing.” Maybe the title has to do with his discussion that this would be a more personal album and we’ll be “trespassing” in to his thoughts and persona.

As for the first single, that will be called “Better Than I Know Myself.” No other details on the song than that.

So settle in Adam fans, because you’ve got a few more months to go before the album lands on shelves. Hopefully there will be single “leaks” before too long.

Source: Twitter @AdamLambert