American Idol 13 – ‘Best Of’ Top 4 Performances [VIDEOS]

Last night on American Idol 13 we were treated to a nearly overwhelming number of songs with three from each of the Final Four. So instead of picking the “best of” and hitting repeat finalists let’s take a look at everyone’s own best delivery of the night.

JLo goes J-Wow! at American Idol 2014
JLo goes J-Wow! at American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Check out our list of the Top 4’s best American Idol performances from Wednesday and then share your own!

At first I thought Alex Preston was going to do something a little more “up” when I heard he was covering “Too Close,” but no he managed to keep it low throughout. Still a strong performance that showcased why Alex has made it this far.

Alex Preston – “Too Close”

Talk about going in the opposite direction of your usual. Caleb Johnson brought it down a notch, not a lot of notches but enough, and the change was refreshing. Caleb should be a shoo-in for the Top 3 and that hometown visit he so interestingly described!

Caleb Johnson – “Maybe I’m Amazed”

Jena Irene found a great groove as she went back for a Pat Benatar. I thought this was a better match for her talent than her F-Bomb inspiring performance. Get ready for more of her next week.

Jena Irene – “Heartbreaker”

This was what Jessica Meuse needed to show the audience. It was a great performance and even if she goes home tonight it’ll let her go out on a high note and very positive last showing.

Jessica Meuse – “You And I”

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