American Idol 2010 Premiere Continues Tonight

Part two of the American Idol 2010 premiere continues tonight on Fox at 8pm ET with an hour and fifteen minute episode featuring the Atlanta auditions.

Last night we were treated to the Boston auditions with guest judge Victoria Beckham. TVGuide has a great recap by aspiring artist of who made the cut and who never will. So far I’ve been more impressed by some of the male talent than the ladies from Boston. I’m hoping we’ll get that balanced out tonight in Atlanta.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, be sure to grab the free American Idol browser add-on for the latest news, updates, and fan discussions on this season.


In case you missed it, here’s Andrew Fenlon’s American Idol audition which went anything but smoothly. I was hoping Kara would call Simon’s bluff and change her vote to, ‘yes,’ to force Simon to break the tie. Ah well. On to tonight!