American Idol 2010: Song Spoilers For the Final 2

Update: Top Idol is reporting that the coronation song is called “Ever Since Tomorrow”.  This is not true.

Thanks to MJ we have some clues as to what Lee Dewyze is going to sing tonight for his three song choices.  See if you can figure these out.  If I get any info on Crystal I will post it here.

Song #1: “He is going to be put into a rink and fight it out or he doesn’t have to think outside the box for this song”
Song #2: “Everybody might hurt after this song.”
Song #3: “He might have an awful day.”

“The third song they are both singing. However it was not a song just written for them. It did play a big part in American Idols past.” 

It is pretty obvious to me that the songs are “The Boxer”, “Everybody Hurts” and “Bad Day”.  Of course it is just my opinion.  Can you think of any others to go with these clues and what do you think of these song choices?