American Idol 2010: Spoilers and Big News!

Hey guys!  Information is now getting leaked as to who did and did not make the cut during the American Idol 2010 Hollwood week.  Making it into the top 48 and possible 24 is Katie Stevens, the 16 year old brunette from the Boston audition.  There is also another girl named Michelle who makes the top 24.  Other people in the top 48 but no word yet if they have made it any farther is Tyler Grady, the broken hands guy; Jermaine Sellers, my favorite from the Atlanta auditions; Mallorie Haley from Winner, SD and Maddy Curtis.  I have no idea what is going on with Vanessa, the girl in the pink dress from TN.  I’m trying to find out about her and as soon as I do, I will let all of you know.  Voted out is Alex Nester and Holly Harden the guitar girl. 

Now on to the BIG NEWS!  For those of you who did not follow us at, my source goes by the name missyae.  She spoiled the entire season of Survivor Samoa and the upcoming season of Survivor 20 as well as The Amazing Race.  She was not wrong one time and is a wealth of information.  She has informed me that the guy from Atlanta, Skii Bo Ski who wowed the judges with his “Heard it through the Grapevine” rendition has been cut from Hollywood week due to his arrests for possession of marijuana and cocaine and intent to distribute.  Apparently he was released from jail a week before he was to be in Hollywood and the producers got wind of the situation and had him cut.  This is an unfortunate situation because he could sing and I was looking forward to hearing more from him. 

Now the even BIGGER NEWS, according to missyae, Taylor Swift is going to record “Pants on the Ground.”  This should give an interesting country twist to the song so be on the lookout for it in the coming weeks.  I’m hoping she will sing it on an upcoming episode of idol.

How do you feel about Skii Bo Ski getting cut for his run ins with the law and Can Taylor Swift do the viral phenomenon “Pants on the Ground” justice?