American Idol 2010: Top 24 Revealed

Update: Sources are now saying Chris GoLightly was disqualified from the top 24 for having an old expired contract.  You are allowed to have contracts, you just have to let it be known, which he did not.  Is this a double standard?  Big Mike Lynche was almost disqualified because his father blabbed to a local newspaper about him being in the top 24.  Why not give Chris a second chance as well?

Update 2:  Check out Joe’s Place for an exclusive conversation with Chris GoLightly about his getting disqualified.

Tonight we saw the last 17 contestants who made it into the Top 24 of American Idol 2010.  If you had checked out our Top 24 spoilers, you would not have been surprised by any of the names as the spoilers were 100% correct except something happened to Chris Golightly, the orphan.  He is in the pictures with the other contestants but he is now replaced by Tim Urban.  As soon as I find out what happened I will let you all know.

The 17 remaining hopefuls to compete for our votes are Janell Wheeler who sang off key in her solo with the band.  Why they chose her over Angela Martin is beyond me.  Like choosing Katelyn Epperly over Shelby Dressel last night.  I think if you have 2 singers who sing well and on key, you choose them especially Shelby Dressel.  She has a dynamic voice.

Then they bring in Tyler Grady aka the broken hands guy.  He loves the 60’s and 70’s and says his idols are Robert Plant and Jim Morrison, my kind of music.  Alex Lambert, Joe Munoz, Jermaine Sellers, John Park and another favorite of mine, Andrew Garcia round out the top 12 guys. 

They look over Thaddeus Johnson the 16 year old kid with amazing vocals.  Not sure what happened there as he was phenomenal.  Even the judges told him he did everything right so I’m not getting their reasoning behind some of these choices. 

The final girls are Lacey Brown who made the same walk in season 8 but this time with better results, Ashley Rodriguez, Crystal Bowersox, Katie Stevens the 16 year old with remarkable vocals for a girl her age, Lilly Scott, Page Miles, Siobhan Mangus, Michelle Delamor, and Haeley Vaughn.

Add these to the 7 from last night and you have our new Top 24.  What do you think of these contestants and who is your favorite?