American Idol 2011: One More Elimination To Go

Haley is out. Scotty and Lauren are in. The only thing left to do is crown Scotty let the two compete next Tuesday and then viewers will get to vote for which country-themed teenager they want to be the next American Idol.

Shortly after last night’s elimination show a small event was held to determine who would go first and who would clean up. Throughout the season production makes this decision but when it came down to just two singers left the show left it to fate gravity.

THR reports Ryan Seacrest flipped a coin featuring the Top 2’s faces, one on each side. Scotty came up the winner, but…

…the singer decided to defer to his competitor: In a gentlemanly manner, he asked her if she preferred to go first or second. She chose second.

The move is a generous one: The person who performs last is typically thought to have an advantage.

When there are twelve singers I can see a big advantage to going last, but with just two it might not be nearly as critical. Still a kind gesture from Scotty which I’m sure will earn him plenty of “aww”s on Tuesday night.

On a plus note for the show’s longevity, American Idol 2011 was up 12% last night from its respective show last season. Next week should be a big one!