American Idol 2011: Top 6 results show recap – Casey eliminated again

There were plenty of gasps Thursday night on “American Idol” when Casey Abrams was eliminated and I’m not sure why. I mean, does anyone remember the first time he was voted off? In 11th place? Yeah. That’s why this is no surprise. Maybe people were just more ready for Jacob Lusk to go instead. I know I was.

I was actually so annoyed by the episode that I couldn’t even react to the elimination. It was, hands down, the worst episode of the season. From the way Ryan “randomly” gave us the results (with no actual Bottom 3), to the worst group number of the season to those ridiculous recorded recaps before everyone’s results were (or weren’t revealed), it was just awful. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

Even the filler was at its worst. I mean, the royal wedding? Why would that be a part of this show? I have no idea what event that footage was from, but I do know none of them know the difference between an English accent and the Spanish language.

Following that terrible filler, the Top 6 take on the songs of Carole King in a medley and as I’ve already said, it was horrible. Flat singing, missed cues, bad “dancing.” Do they even rehearse those group numbers? Terrible.

And just when we think they’re going to start giving results, they pull out the Ford music video then a performance by last season’s last eliminated contestant first runner up Crystal Bowersox. Her performance was decent. She still hasn’t washed her hair since last season, but she’s a good performer.

Finally, they’re on the couches! It’s time to get to the results. Right after Casey is done biting his fingernails on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Oh wait, it’s not time yet. It’s time for MORE filler. This time in the form of impromptu questions from fans to the contestants. Great. It becomes more and more obvious that the results show does NOT need to be a whole hour. Thirty minutes would be plenty of time for Thursday nights.

Ryan finally calls Haley Reinhart up and to kill more time, he introduces the first recap from the night before. As if we didn’t all see the previous night’s upside. Filler, filler, filler. Haley is sent to safety. And we can’t even presume she wasn’t in the Bottom 3 because Ryan did the results in such a stupid way.

Next up is Scotty McCreery. He’s not sent to safety yet. Then Ryan does the same thing to Lauren Alaina. Ooooh the suspense. Oh and then Ryan does the same thing to Casey. Oh no! No one is safe tonight! Blah blah. Have I mentioned this was the worst results show ever?

Finally when James Durbin is brought to the stage he is sent to safety. That leaves Jacob. Ryan brings up the others and sends Lauren to safety. So the remaining three (again, we can’t presume they were the Bottom 3) are Scotty, Jacob and Casey).

Then we have to wait while we watch a pre-recorded performance from Bruno Mars.

Finally it’s time to find out who received the least amount of votes. Jacob was sent to safety. That leaves Scotty and Casey and we know how that plays out. Scotty is safe, Casey is not.

I was never a fan of Casey’s for probably the same reason that he was sent home¬† in 11th place and again in 6th. I just don’t like jazz. I don’t get it. I respect it, but I’m not going to be pretentious and claim to like it. But that’s neither here nor there. What I meant to say was that Casey is crazy talented. He will be very successful and make plenty of jazz fans happy that someone so young and talented can amp up the genre. “American Idol” just wasn’t the right platform for him. But I’m sure it’ll help him get a proper start. So Casey fans, hang in there. You and Casey are more than likely better off that he did not win this competition.

What were your thoughts on the vote outcome and tonight’s trainwreck show?