American Idol 2012 Finale: Winner Will Be Crowned Tonight

American Idol 2012 finale night Jessica and Phillip

Tonight on American Idol 2012 we’ll find out if Jessica Sanchez or Phillip Phillips earned the right amount of votes to become the new American Idol.

After last night’s performances, the pair should technically be on pretty even playing fields. Jessica was as good as always, but it was Phillip’s performance of “Home,” his potential single, that had people talking. Was that enough to gain the edge over Jessica or will the 16-year-old powerhouse become the first female winner in five seasons? We’ll know in a matter of hours.

Also tonight, Aerosmith debuts a new single, “Legendary Child,” which is actually a 21-year old song. Then Rihanna performs as does a number of special guests and the rest of your Top 12. We can expect some interesting duets tonight. So far we’ve heard of Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez pairing. We’ve also heard  of Kristin Chenoweth and Jessica pairing, honoring the late Donna Summer. And we can expect a whole lot more.

Check back later for the live American Idol 2012 results and the crowning of the season 11 winner. A little later, I’ll have my complete recap of the American Idol finale.

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