American Idol 2012 Top 7: Who Goes Home Tonight? – Updated

American Idol 2012 Top 7 elimination

Find out who went home tonight on American Idol 2012. Ready for a shocker??

American Idol tonight will reveal who earned the fewest votes and will be sent home, unless the Judges’ Save is put in to play. The competition was tight last night and this won’t be an easy elimination to predict. As usual, I’ll go to our poll for your unofficial voting results and we’ll see who could be going home tonight on American Idol 2012.

The standout leader is in our poll is Jessica Sanchez again this week, but keep in mind that our poll is open to all visitors from around the globe while the official voting will be limited to those in the US. Either way I don’t think she’s in any danger of going home, even if DialIdol has Jessica in their bottom 3 for phone votes this week. Joining Jessica in the “safe zone” should be Colton Dixon. He’s continued to climb the ranks and his performance of “Love The Way You Lie” was the second most watched YouTube clip from the official American Idol YT account.

The votes in our poll this week are the closest I can remember seeing for an even distribution outside Sanchez’s outlier data point. At the time of writing this there are four singers holding 9% with another at 10% and the last at 8%. Like I said, it’s a tight competition this week. With that in mind, the “most likely safe” singers for this week are Elise Testone and Joshua Ledet. While I think all the singers had a relatively strong night yesterday, these two have been proving themselves more and more each week. That earns them my expectation of safety.

With those four singers above out of the “danger zone” that leaves us with the potential for a “shocker” tonight. No, I don’t think it’ll be a “shocking” elimination, but we may get a surprise with Phillip Phillips in the Bottom 3. Then again, his WGWG status could easily save him from that and bring down one of my “most likely safe” singers. In that case I’d have to flip Phillip for Joshua since Elise had the pimp-spot last night. Either way, joining that singer will most likely be Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh to form the Bottom 3 on American Idol 2012 tonight.

I think we’ve seen this coming for awhile, but Hollie is who I’m expecting to be left standing when Ryan Seacrest reveals the votes. The judges have been routinely harsh on her (even Nigel went to Twitter last night to disagree with their words to Hollie) and she’s faced the Bottom 3 for the past two weeks. If Hollie is pushed to sing for her life I don’t think the judges will use their coveted Save to offer her a week’s reprieve. This is likely the end of the road for Hollie Cavanagh on American Idol 2012.

What are you expecting tonight for the American Idol results?

Update: Reader OzbilEge alerted us that Ryan Seacrest just announced on twitter that we’ll have a “shocking” result tonight on American Idol. Could it be the “Phillips in Bottom 3” scenario I mentioned? Here’s his message:

Hmm. What do you think it will be?