American Idol Scandal: Season 11 Top 12 Singer Disqualified

American Idol confirmed on Wednesday night’s show that Jermaine Jones was disqualified and eliminated from Season 11. Jones’ outstanding warrants were the reason he was forced out of the competition.

Wow. This could be a crazy week on American Idol 2012 and this will be huge news for the season if true. If true. Allegedly one singer is about to be kicked off the show this week due to a history of criminal activities including violence.

The source says this Top 12 finalist has outstanding warrants for his/her arrest and concealed this information from American Idol production. Once production learned of the events they confronted this finalist and he/she was disqualified. Those events will allegedly be shown on Wednesday’s episode of American Idol.

Want to know which singer it appears to be? Read on…

Jermaine Jones was disqualified. Jones posted the following Tweet to his account earlier on Tuesday, March 3rd at 9:25PM ET.

“Awww I will no longer b on the show”

A half hour later the Tweet was deleted, but not before we captured the following screenshot from Twitter:

Jermaine Jones disqualified

Shortly after that Jones retweeted the following message from one of his fans, “Well damnit, I am pissed about @JJonesAI11 being disqualified from #AmericanIdol.” For whatever reason, Jermaine seems to be okay with RT’ing a message that indicates he was kicked off, but just doesn’t want to post the “aww” message anymore as a confirmation.

Now for the grain of salt. The source is TMZ and they’re full of crap 99% of the time. Jermaine could possibly be trying to pull a prank by pretending to be the one in trouble. But if it’s true that someone was disqualified and it’s one of the other 11 finalists then I’m not sure that’d be a very funny joke to them.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and see what we come up with. I’m sure there are more details to follow and we’ll share as soon as we find more. Be sure to join us on Facebook and you’ll get all our American Idol updates there too.

If true, do you think it’s fair to disqualify a singer for a criminal past?

Update: THR is also running the story about Jermaine Jones’ disqualification, but they’re citing TMZ as their source as well. FOX gave THR no comment, so that’s really no more confirmation of events than we had before.

Update 2: Reader Andree alerted us that Jermaine’s Twitter account @JJonesAI11 no longer exists as of this morning. I guess American Idol production didn’t take kindly to him broadcasting their big “shocking” scandal before the broadcast.

Update 3: TMZ reports that Jermaine Jones has 4 outstanding warrants, but none of them for violent offenses. “Jermaine had a total of 4 outstanding warrants … 3 for driving on a suspended license and 1 for disorderly conduct with an open container.” Pretty weak stuff. Seems like he should have been open and honest about these if the real issue is that he hid the details from Idol production.

Update 4: The Smoking Gun has obtained more details that expands that warrant count up to five for Jermaine Jones. The oldest warrant relates to a narcotics bust back in 2006 then an open container violation in 2008. His first actual arrest was in 2011 when the cops finally got him for repeatedly giving officers a false name to avoid being arrested. The longer this list gets the less inclined I am to think he didn’t earn this disqualification.