American Idol Spoilers: How Far Does Melanie Porras Make It On Season 13?

Wondering how far Melanie Porras makes it on Season XIII? These are the American Idol spoilers for the 19 year old admin assistant from Kennesaw, GA.

Melanie Porras auditions on Season XIII

Melanie opens her audition in Detroit with a backstory segment featuring her father who raised her as a single parent. When she breaks in to song we’re treated to selections by Bon Jovi and Peggy Lee before earning all three “yes” votes from the judges. But how far does she go?

According to the American Idol Top 31 spoilers Melanie does not make it past Hollywood. We’re not sure where she gets cut, but if the spoilers are correct then she’s out before the live voting kicks in and won’t face a live audience.

Do you think the judges made the right choice to cut her from the competition? Share your thoughts!