Can Lazaro Arbos Turn Sympathy Votes Into An American Idol 2013 Win?

Lazaro Arbos on American Idol 2013

Tonight on American Idol 2013 audiences were shocked by this week’s results when trailing contender Lazaro Arbos catapulted to the ranks of the Top 7’s top three. It was a startling result considering his weekly performances have been challenged by a shrinking field of incredible on-stage talent.

In his weekly performance review mentor Jimmy Iovine critiqued the Hopefuls saying it should be Lazaro going home if America got the vote right. Going from predicted elimination to the week’s top three singers is more than just an unexpected leap and a little hard to comprehend.

What is it that’s taking Lazaro to the top of the pile on American Idol? Are his performances really that great or is there something else at play here?

Let’s be honest. Lazaro is a good singer. We were all impressed with his audition. Then his story helped propel him to crowd favorite status. Now here we are weeks away from the season finale with some truly great talent and yet Lazaro continues to soar. He forgets the lyrics, misses the mark, and is even told to “get off the stage!” Those aren’t the traits of a dominating American Idol finalist. Instead it’s clear that we’re dealing with sympathy votes.

The judges lash out at him, he cries, the votes pour in. He forgets his lyrics, claims he didn’t have but a day to practice, Jimmy points out that’s a lie, and the votes pour in. At this point Lazaro’s best strategy is to do as poorly as possible to earn harsh criticism and earn heart-tugging votes.

Does Lazaro deserve to be in the top three this week? If America voted him there then yes, he earned it. Is Lazaro talented enough to be a top competitor and ahead of four other singers on that stage tonight? Absolutely not. Can Lazaro turn audience sympathy in to a trip to the American Idol finale? I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. Now as far as winning the whole thing, that’d be a true shocker.

What do you think is pushing Lazaro Arbos ahead in American Idol 2013? Did he deserve to be in this week’s top three seats?