Dalton Rapattoni American Idol 2016 Top 4 Performances [VIDEOS]

Dalton Rapattoni edged out Sonika Vaid this week to take the final spot in the American Idol 2016 Top 4. However, we think it will take a miracle effort by his fans to push him through to the finale. You never know though, it’s happened before that someone unexpected makes it to the final two. Unfortunately, it seems rather unlikely, especially based on Dalton’s song choices this week.

Dalton Rapattoni on American Idol 2016
Dalton Rapattoni on American Idol 2016

For his classic rock song, Dalton performed “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys. The song arrangement was odd, and he just did not come across as genuine. The American Idol judges were more fond of the song choice than I was, apparently. Keith Urban liked the song choice, but he wasn’t all that overly praising of the performance. Jennifer Lopez thought it was a beautiful song, but her praise was also a bit lackluster. Harry Connick Jr. told Dalton it was a good time to show his vulnerable side, although we think he already did that better in previous performances.

For his second song of the night, Dalton Rapatonni took on “Bird Set Free” by Sia in a bid to hopefully impress viewers enough to somehow climb his way into the finale. Although Dalton gave another emotion-laden performance, his emo vibe seems to be wearing on the American Idol judges a bit. He is clearly not the best singer, and tends to hide that with being overly dramatic, which he seems to have done with this performance as well. Jennifer Lopez told Dalton it was beautiful to watch and he touches hearts. Harry said it was powerful and thought it was a good song choice. Keith Urban gave Dalton some praise, but it kind of sounded like it was more of a backhanded bit of criticism.

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