American Idol 2014 contestant Grace Field has plenty of personality and she dished it out to the judges during her Austin, TX audition. After welcoming American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban to the city, Austin native Grace said singing was “absolutely” what she wants to do with her life. Whether or not that is a wise goal for her, we’ll let you be the final judge.

Grace Field American Idol 2014 - Source: FOX/YouTube

Grace Field American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX/YouTube

After hearing her sing for the American Idol 2014 judges, however, we think maybe she should be thinking about pursuing a different dream. Thankfully the show doesn’t have a lot of purely horrible auditions this year that we’ve seen, but we just think Grace is… less gifted than most of the other competitors. It’s not that she’s a rampant terror to listen to, but her tone of voice is just not what we’d really call… fabulous.┬áHeck, we’d probably even appreciate her after three drinks at the karaoke bar.

Will the American Idol judges disagree with us about Grace Field’s audition and send her off with a Golden Ticket to Hollywood? Find out this week during the two-part American Idol season 13 premiere on Wednesday and Thursday from 8PM to 10PM ET on FOX!

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