Haley Johnsen Has Sweet Dreams Of Redemption

Haley Johnsen

Haley Johnsen was shown the exit after her “more like a nightmare” rendition of the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” during Top 25 week on American Idol 2012. There’s no way around it. That performance was bad. Surprisingly, even Haley herself will admit to that and wants to set the record straight.

Johnsen has now released a studio version of her original vision for the performance of “Sweet Dreams” and it’s a definite improvement. She insists there are no “sour grapes” but that she wanted to let viewers hear how things should have gone that night. Of course, being a fan of the 1983 original (watch that version at the bottom) makes it hard for me to enjoy it without the usual synthesizer background, but what can you do?

Not to pour salt on her wounds, but in case you forgot why Haley Johnsen was eliminated from American Idol 2012, here’s her Top 25 week performance of “Sweet Dreams.”

Personally, I’d recommend jumping over that version and going straight to the source:

What do you think of Haley Johnsen’s redemption attempt of “Sweet Dreams?”