Harry Connick Jr & Keith Urban On What They Want To Hear Top 6 Week [Interview]


The American Idol 2014 race is getting tighter each week as there are just six finalists left in the competition. With no room for error in their performances the remaining contestants should carefully consider every bit of advice the Judges are sharing.

Last night backstage after the American Idol results show, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. spoke with FOX Audio Central about what they want to hear from the Season 13 Top 6 when they return to the stage on Wednesday night for next week’s theme of Country and Rock ‘n Roll.

Harry is bordering on having a Randy Jackson moment here, but he really gets to the core of it: they need to entertain us. It can’t just be a perfect song choice or perfect delivery. It has to entertain the audience:

They have to steal the show.  They have to come out there and steal the show.  They have to sing great.  They have to perform great.  They have to entertain.  Even if it’s tiny, if it’s a little ballad or if it’s a big antithetic   house number, whatever it is, they have to come out and try to win.  They have to start trying to win now.

Keith says the artists are improving, but calls out pack leaders, and names the contestants who had a great week:

Well there’s always things to work on for all of us, you know.  But I think, I think I’m seeing improvement in a lot of them and I think the frontrunners are really starting to move forward.  I think Caleb, Jena, Sam really sang good last night.  You know, there’s a couple of them really improving.

Do you think Keith was trying to say Caleb, Jena, and Sam are those frontrunners? I’d agree on two of the names.

Source: FOX Audio Central