Ryan Seacrest May Be Leaving American Idol

Reports from The New York Post, yes yes I know, indicate Ryan Seacrest is in talks with NBC to start a new show. A new singing show. Oh but it gets better. That new music show will focus not on contestant competitiveness, but rather on artist competitiveness. Gee, if only NBC already had a show that could do that for them…

Seacrest and his production company are working on “another music concept, which is a totally different kind of competition show,” Paul Telegdy, the network’s head of alternative programming, tells The Post.

“It is self-contained episodes. It is a bit more fun. It’s not contestant competitive. It’s artist competitive.”

The show is in the very early stages of development — too early to say if the mini-mogul would continue to host “Idol” or move to NBC to host the new program, officials say.

Damn. They even worked a subtle short joke in there (“mini-mogul”). So the story goes that maybe Ryan will leave Idol to focus on his new show or maybe he’ll stay and do both. How about Door #3 where FOX tells Seacrest to pound sand if he thinks they’ll let me do both and use Idol to pimp his show on a different network.

Keep in mind that Ryan Seacrest recently re-upped his American Idol 2011 contract for $15 million a year. That’s a lot of money to risk walking away from. Couple that with the fact that he’s got the biggest television stage in the world right now makes me think this is going nowhere fast.

NBC, maybe you should focus on your existing new singing show before rushing off to start a new one. Step one could be to stop doing things like moving that new show to a 10PM start time. Sheesh.

Would American Idol still be the same for you if Ryan left?

Source: New York Post