American Idol Spoilers: 2016 Top 8 Song List Revealed

Ryan Seacrest and the American Idol 2016 finalists
TV Line picked up the spoilers on American Idol’s song list this week for the Top 8 performers. A Double Elimination awaits the singers, but since the results won’t be revealed until the start of the show all ten had to prepare. Oh my we have some interesting song picks [...]

American Idol Results: Meet Your Top 10 Contestants

American Idol 2016 Top 10 contestants revealed
The American Idol Top 10 featuring 2016’s Season 15 finalists were rolled out this week in a two-night event when the combination of both viewer voting and Judges’ picks over which singers will move on to the final stage of the Farewell Season. At the top of the hour tonight [...]

American Idol Spoilers: 2016 Top 14 Elimination Results – Update: Leaks

Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol 2016's finalists round
The American Idol Top 14 contestants were revealed only a few days ago, but that magical moment for the singers isn’t lasting long. Earlier today all fourteen singers were on stage for Wednesday’s taped Idol show leaving us an opportunity for spoilers. While the Top 14 were all ready to [...]

American Idol Results: Meet Your Top 14 Contestants

American Idol Judges for 2016 season
The American Idol Top 14 for 2016’s Season 15 have been revealed in two part results from the semi-finalists rounds aired these past two weeks where the semi-finalists were split in to two groups, performed on stage, and then awaited the judges’ results. With the contestants singing in different teams [...]

American Idol 2016 Spoilers: Top 24 Duet Pairings – Round 2 [PHOTOS]

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Shelbie Zora & Constantine Maroulis duet on American Idol 2016
American Idol 2016 spoilers have revealed the duet pairings for the remaining Top 24 contestants in their performances coming later this week. Photos released by FOX reveal which Top 24 singers will be singing with this week’s batch of returning alumni artists from past seasons of American Idol. Some of [...]

American Idol 2016 Spoilers: Top 24 Elimination Results! – Update: Second Group Results Revealed

We have the American Idol spoilers coming in for which hopeful contestants were eliminated from the Top 24! The names of some of the singers who didn’t make it through were a bit shocking, as several of them seemed like strong favorites to make the Top 10 at least. Was [...]

American Idol Spoilers: Judges Save Retired

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American Idol Judges Urban, Lopez, and Connick
Just as we expected and discussed earlier this week, TIP is reporting a new American Idol spoiler that the Judges Save will not be part of Season 15. With a shortened season, American Idol 2016’s finale is April 7th, there wasn’t much time in the schedule for even the Top [...]

American Idol 2016: Top 24 Round 1 Gallery [PICS]

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Avalon Young performs on American Idol 2016
The American Idol Top 24’s first half took the stage last night and it was a pretty cool show with the club background, light show, and crowded audience. Here’s a look back at the night. With only twelve of the Top 24 performing we didn’t get to see them all, [...]

American Idol Spoilers: Top 24 Duets Revealed [PICS]

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MacKenzie Bourg duets with Lauren Alaina on American Idol 2016
This week the American Idol 2016’s Top 24 contestants will begin their two-week run of performances and duets with the first set revealed in photos by FOX. Half of the Top 24 will perform on Wednesday’s episode with solos that will decide whether or not they advance to the Top [...]

American Idol Results: 2016 Top 24 Contestants Revealed

American Idol results revealed the Top 24 contestants as the Showcase Round concluded with full house performances and gave us the American Idol 2016 Top 24 who will compete for the final season 15 title. These results were initially leaked as spoilers thanks to TIP and now FOX has made them official [...]

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