American Idol Retrospective: Top 10 Worst Auditions Ever [VIDEOS]

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American Idol auditions may very well be over forever, unless some kind of show revival rolls around later on. While watching the American Idol retrospective special on Tuesday, we couldn’t help but think back at some of the best auditions on the show from future stars like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie [...]

American Idol History Spans 14 Years [VIDEO]

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Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Guarini, & Brian Dunkleman on American Idol
American Idol concludes its amazing run as a top television show and pop culture influence in April with its Season 15 finale. Now in its closing weeks it’s important to look back at Idol’s long history. It all started back in 2002 with the then unknown Kelly Clarkson impressing the [...]

Watch Kelly Clarkson Sing ‘Piece By Piece’ On American Idol [VIDEO]

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Kelly Clarkson performs on American Idol 2016
Kelly Clarkson made her return to the birthplace of her career with a visit back to the American Idol stage with an emotional performance of her single “Piece By Piece.” Clarkson was the first to wear the Idol crown and this week she came back to help find the last [...]

American Idol 2016: Sonika Vaid & Caleb Johnson Duet ‘Skyfall’ [VIDEO]

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Sonika Vaid & Caleb Johnson duet on American Idol
Sonika Vaid was nervous to be matched up with a rocker like Caleb Johnson for her American Idol duet of “Skyfall” but the song choice proved to be strong one. It did seem like an odd match between the two but once they hit the stage it worked incredibly well [...]

American Idol 2016: Thomas Stringfellow & Nick Fradiani Duet ‘Man In The Mirror’ [VIDEO]

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Thomas Stringfellow & Nick Fradiani on American Idol 2016
It was a seemingly strange song choice for American Idol’s Thomas Stringfellow duet with Nick Fradiani, but the paired pulled it off and gave a fresh performance of a rather old song. Nick had mentored Thomas to be ready for the challenge of performing together and their efforts were rewarded [...]

American Idol 2016: Emily Brooke & Lauren Alaina Duet ‘Flat On The Floor’ [VIDEO]

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Emily Brooke & Lauren Alaina duet on American Idol
Emily Brooke has been making her return to American Idol 2016 an impressive round of performances one after another. Tonight she sang an exciting duet with Idol’s Country singer Lauren Alaina. After struggling the night before during her solo on Wednesday this was a must-deliver opportunity for Brooke. Unfortunately while [...]

American Idol 2016: Jordan Sasser ‘All By Myself’ Top 24 Performance [VIDEO]

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Jordan Sasser sings in Top 24 round on American Idol 2016
Watch Jordan Sasser sing “All By Myself” tonight on American Idol 2016 as his Top 24 performance song in a bid to survive the next elimination round. Sasser will be joined this week by American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino as both Jordan’s mentor and duet partner in Thursday’s episode, but [...]

American Idol 2016: Jessica Cabral “Photograph” Hollywood Week Solo Performance [VIDEO]

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Jessica Cabral sings on American Idol 2016
Jessica Cabral won her Golden Ticket to Hollywood and now she’s competing to stay in the race as the hundreds of hopefuls who arrived are now struggling to make it on to the next round. How did she do during her first solo performance in American Idol Hollywood Week? Well, [...]

American Idol 2016: Trent Harmon “Lay Me Down” Hollywood Week Solo Performance [VIDEO]

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Trent Harmon on American Idol 2016 Hollywood Week
What’s a Hollywood Week on American Idol without an illness or two? Trent Harmon learns he has mono after his doctor calls just minutes before he’s set to go on stage for his first Hollywood Week solo performance. Yikes! Trent Harmon wowed the American Idol judges during auditions and easily earned [...]

American Idol 2016 Hollywood Performances: Michelle Maria Lecza and Kyrsti Jewel [Video]

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Michelle Marie Lecza performs on Hollywood Week
A two-fer here with Hollywood Week performances from Michelle Maria Lecza and Kyrsti Jewel as they compete on American Idol 2016‘s solo rounds. Michelle and Kyrsti are both very young, just making it in to auditions at the age of 15, but are either of them ready for the challenge [...]

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