Watch Jermaine Jones Eliminated From American Idol 2012

Jermaine Jones disqualified

If you missed the segment tonight on American Idol 2012, then you can watch the big event right here in the video clip below. Jermaine Jones was ceremoniously dumped from the competition when production learned he had hidden his criminal past. How bad was it? 4 warrants for his arrest bad.

Of course production implies in the clip below that if only Jermaine had been forthcoming about his criminal troubles then they could have worked with him. Later they say there can’t be any American Idol singers with warrants against them. Seems like either way Jermaine Jones was on his way out from Idol.

What do you think of American Idol’s decision to eliminate Jermaine Jones?

Afterthought: I’m seeing a lot of comments that this was a humiliating event for Jermaine and FOX should have not aired it. While I agree this was very embarrassing to Jones I’d also suggest it was likely his last opportunity to widely address accusations of “a history of violence.” Jermaine was allowed to explain it was simply a scuffle with a friend during an already tense event.

Either way Jermaine Jones was going to be leaving the show, but this way he got to provide his own rebuttal and that would be worth it to me.