American Idol 2015 Spoilers: Take A Peek At Hollywood Week Photos

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American Idol 2015 Hollywood Week is going on as we speak! It’s the most grueling and cut-throat phase of the competition. It’s also usually the only time we get to see actual reality TV drama. So we’re going to be seeing a lot of that stage after the first couple [...]

American Idol 2015: New Promo Touts Winners, Grammys, Oscar

American Idol 2015 producers are pulling out all the stops in the new Season 14 promo. The latest video has Kelly, Carrie, Jordin, Phillip and Jennifer Hudson. You know, because she won an Oscar (with no help from American Idol). It also reminds us that there have been millions of [...]

American Idol 2015 Hollywood Week Kicks Off!

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American Idol 2015 judge Jennifer Lopez (FOX)
American Idol season 14 Hollywood Week kicks off crazy early this week with the hopefuls landing in Los Angeles this weekend! According to American Idol spoilers source The Idol Pad, 2015 Hollywood Week will run from Oct. 25 through Oct. 31. Looks like a lot of poor contestants are going to be [...]

American Idol Spoilers: 2015 Hollywood Week Contestants Revealed! [Updated 10-24]

American Idol 2015 Auditions Minneapolis (FOX)
The first American Idol spoilers on the 2015 contestants for Hollywood Week are here! Our fabulous friends at The Idol Pad have hooked us up with the all the American Idol 2015 spoilers on who won a Golden Ticket to season 14. Get your very first look at the future [...]

American Idol 2015 Spoilers: Season 14 Contestants [GALLERY]

American Idol Golden Ticket
We have our first American Idol 2015 spoilers on the contestants we’ll be seeing in Hollywood Week for season 14. The American Idol spoilers list for the Golden Ticket winners is slowly trickling out and we are, of course, all over it here at American Idol Net! Thanks to our friends [...]

Will American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez Head To Las Vegas Next? [VIDEO]

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American Idol 2015 judge Jennifer Lopez (FOX)
Source: E! News Could American Idol’s judge Jennifer Lopez be heading off the show to join Britney Spears in Las Vegas? Rumors suggest that just might happen. According to E! News the former Fly Girl turned Idol judge has been in talks with Planet Hollywood to secure a recurring performance [...]

American Idol 2015 Spoilers: Hollywood Week Twist!

American Idol 2015 Judges (FOX)
We have new American Idol spoilers rolling in as 2015 Hollywood Week kicks off this weekend in Los Angeles. In addition to a growing list of Golden Ticket winner names & info, we’ve also learned about an entirely new twist for HW this season. The majority of fans seemed to [...]

American Idol 2015 Season 14 Promo: First Look At The New Season!

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Fox has released an in-depth promo for the 14th Season of American Idol and I must say, it kind of put me in the mood for Idol season! It’s a fun and energetic promo, featuring returning judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban. And it even includes a [...]

American Idol Alum Scott MacIntyre: ‘I’m Going To Continue To Perform’ Despite Illness

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American Idol Season 8 alum Scott MacIntyre has just six months until doctors expect his kidneys to fail, but the singer is going about his daily business as if nothing is the matter. The singer attributes his strong will to a life of challenges. He’s remaining hopeful and plans to [...]

American Idol Fans Will Get To Award One Golden Ticket!

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In a constant attempt to keep American Idol interesting, producers’ latest efforts include allowing fans to send one contestant on to Hollywood known as America’s Choice Audition! Even though judges Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr and Jennifer Lopez have already delivered all their golden tickets, there’s one more up for [...]
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