American Idol 2018 Judges: Katy Perry Joins The Panel

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Katy Perry - American Idol 2018 Judge - Source: Twitter
American Idol 2018 is ramping up for its debut next year when the series hits ABC’s broadcast and here comes the first official casting with Katy Perry. Yes, Katy Perry will be an American Idol Judge for season 16 when it debuts on the new network starting 2018 for a [...]

American Idol 2018 Schedule May Adjust To Support Ryan Seacrest

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Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol 2016's finalists round
The American Idol 2018 schedule has yet to be announced, but early details suggest the series could be adjusted to support the return of Ryan Seacrest as the show’s host. While it’s been widely expected and rumored that ABC was working to make Ryan Seacrest part of the American Idol [...]

ABC Working On American Idol 2018 Judges Panel

American Idol season finale event on FOX
ABC is allegedly working to assemble the American Idol 2018 Judges panel and hosting role ahead of next week’s upfronts for the 2017-2018 season. Well they don’t waste any time. It was just confirmed on Tuesday that American Idol was coming back and here we are already hearing that ABC [...]

Report: American Idol 2018 Auditions At Disney World

American Idol Experience at Disney World - Credit: Josh Hallett
While no official word has been announced for the American Idol 2018 auditions, an initial report suggests the series’s return search for a star could start in Disney World. Considering ABC’s connection to Disney and Disney World’s past attraction with “The American Idol Experience” it’s no surprise for a return [...]

American Idol 2018 On ABC Is Official!

American Idol logo
American Idol is back! ABC has officially confirmed and announced that we’ll soon be watching American Idol 2018 on their network with their huge news this morning! THR reports that it took less than a week after they made an offer to get American Idol on ABC where it will [...]

Report: American Idol Deal Is Done With ABC – Update

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Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol
American Idol is coming back according to a report that reveals ABC has closed on a deal with Idol’s owners to bring the show back for the 2018 season. After talks jumped from NBC and FOX it seems that Fremantle and Core took up talks with ABC and have inked [...]

American Idol Return Shifts To ABC As Front Runner

American Idol judges, host, & mentor at TCA 2016
Ready for another round of American Idol returning stories? This time the rumors going around suggests American Idol 2018 will return to ABC as the network has made an offer and is working to secure the series for themselves. After the floated and failed round with stories of Idol heading [...]

American Idol Return In Gridlock Over NBC Vs FOX Talks

Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol
Easy come, easy go for the recent hopes of American Idol returning in 2018 as new updates in the supposed “NBC Vs FOX” debate may signal a decision gridlock. After reports in February and more in March suggested we’d see Idol back on TV as early as 2018 it’s now [...]

Report: FOX & NBC Bidding Over ‘American Idol’ Return

Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol
Following previous reports last month that American Idol is coming back there’s a latest update suggesting it’s closer than ever. Like big news next week closer. According to the practically junk source TMZ, the earlier reports of NBC being interested in American Idol have grown to putting in an actual [...]

Is American Idol Coming Back? NBC In Talks With Fremantle

Kelly Clarkson returns for American Idol 2016
Missed Idol yet? Variety reports that NBC is in talks with Fremantle over the idea of American Idol coming back to TV! That’s right, an entirely different network and not only that it’s not FOX but it’d be right there with its old rival, The Voice. Hmm. It’s been incredibly [...]
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