American Idol 2024 Finale Recap: Who Won American Idol Tonight?

American Idol 2024 top 3

Tonight, American Idol 2024 comes to an end. Since February, we have watched the contestants fight for their place in the competition. We have seen a lot of great singers go home, some of them far too early. Now, by the end of this three-hour broadcast, a new person takes the crown as the American Idol winner. Last year, Ian Tongi became the American Idol.

This year, either Abi Carter, Will Moseley, or Jack Blocker becomes the 22nd person to win American Idol.   Hopefully, tonight’s finale brings plenty of memorable moments, surprising performances, and exciting battles. The episode is jam-packed with performances and special guests. During the semi-finals, host Ryan Seacrest announced that Cody Johnson, Bishop Briggs, James Bay, Hootie and the Blowfish, Nick Fradiani, Cece Winans, Seal, Wynonna Judd, New Kids on the Block, Jason Mraz, and Jon Bon Jovi would all make appearances. We can’t even begin to predict how they will perform and with which Idol finalists. That makes tonight even more exciting.

We also know the final three perform three times tonight, plus duets and group performances. Therefore, we’ll really have a chance to see how Abi, Will, and Jack perform before making one the winner. Katy Perry also plans to make her exit from the show tonight. Therefore, we expect some sort of tribute to her time on American Idol.  It’s going to be a fun night, so let’s get into the recap.

Round 1

Round 1 starts with Jon Bon Jovi mentoring the final three. Will Moseley allows his father to meet Bon Jovi (via video chat), because he’s a big fan. Will wants to sing his father’s favorite song, “It’s My Life” by Jon Bon Jovi.

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Lionel Richie tells him to let it go and just enjoy it. Katy says he sounds like Bon Jovi and just enjoying his ride. Luke Bryan says it was the way to start the night and had some teeth.

Jack Blocker decides to sing “I’ll Be There For You” by Jon Bon Jovi.

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Katy says it’s surreal to see him in the Top 3 after their complicated start. Luke says way to not to lock himself in one lane. Lionel jokes that he all saw his potential. Luke wants the record straight that he was the one who believed in Jack.

Abi Carter sings Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses.”

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The crowd goes wild for Abi. They chant her name.

Luke says the room speaks for them and that was amazing. Katy tells them to vote. Billie Eilish sends Abi a message telling her that she’s rooting for her and loves her. She says she heard her rendition of “What Was I Made For?”

Round 2

This round is hometown dedications. Once again kicking off with Will. We see a package of his hometown visit to Hazlehurst. A lot of people know his original song, “Gone for Good.”

Will Moseley sings “My Town” by Montgomery Gentry.

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Lionel says he loved his performance. Katy says American Idol is keeping the American dream alive. Luke says he started the song really smooth. He says he has all the tools to be anything he wants. He calls him a wonderful talent.

Dallas’s Jack Blocker gets a message from Mark Cuban that invites him to sing at a Dallas Mavericks game.

Jack Blocker sings “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” by George Strait.

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Luke says Jack put his stamp on the song, and Lionel says he’s on to something called career.

Abi returns to Indio for her hometown visit.

Abi Carter sings “Somewhere” from West Side Story. 

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The crowd once again goes wild for Abi. Luke says Abi gave a showstopping moment. It doesn’t get any better than that. Katy says it was magic and if Abi wins American Idol, the bar will be so high.

An elimination coming up after the break.

Fantasia returns to the show, 20 years after winning the show. Seacrest congrats her on all her success. She tells the contestants to keep God first and that he has a plan for them. She talks about the show opening doors for her and teases that she has new music coming. We then see a segment about auditioning for the show.

Jason Mraz and Julia Gagnon sing “I Feel Like Dancing.”

The final three work on their original songs. The final two will perform their songs.

Seal and Janina Elise perform “Crazy.”

Round 3

We get to the first elimination of the night. Will advances to the final round and is still in the running to win American IdolAbi also joins him in the final two. Jack has been eliminated.

McKenna Faith Brienholt and Kaibrienne sing “Let it Go” with James Bay.

Luke Bryan sings “Love You, Miss You Mean It.” Mia Matthews then comes to sing “Run” by George Strait with him.

Lionel Richie sings “Running with the Night.” The Top 12 American Idol finalists join him on stage at the end.

Cody Johnson sings “‘Till You Can’t” with Triston Harper. 

Abi and Bishop Briggs sing “Triumph” and “River.”

We get a tribute to the seven years of Lionel, Luke, and Katy working together.

Nick Fradiani sings “America” and “Sweet Caroline,” by Neil Diamond with the Top 12 guys.

Hootie and the Blowfish sing “Hold My Hand, “Let Her Cry,” and “Only Wanna Be With You” with Will.

Katy sings “What Makes A Woman,” with special lyrics written by Jack added to the song for this performance.

New Kids on the Block sing “Kids,” and “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” with Kayko.

Emmy Russell and  Wynonna Judd sing “Coal Miner’s Daughter” by Loretta Lynn and “No One Else on Earth.”

Cece Winans and Roman Collins sing “Goodness of God”

The Top 12 ladies do a melody of Katy Perry’s song as a tribute. They sing “Teenage Dream,” “Dark Horse,” and “California Girls.”

Ryan announces that Will and Abi get a trip for four to the Bahamas.

Will Moseley sings his new single “Good Book Bad”

Lionel says he made it, Katy says that he has sung the best she has heard him sing, and Luke says the ball is in his court. He tells him to take it as far as he can. They wish him the best.

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Abi Carter sings her new single “This isn’t Over.”

The crowd once again chants her name, so the judges stay silent and let that speak for them.

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And the American Idol 2024 winner is…Abi Carter!

She closes the show with an emotional cover of “What Was I Made For?” Katy also gets emotional as her time on Idol comes to an end. We see the Top 12 and Abi’s family come on stage to congratulate and shower her with love.

Abi was such an amazing performer that I am glad she won.

Thank you for joining us all American Idol 2024. See you again for American Idol 23. We also have some post-season content coming up in the next few days. So, if you’re not quite done with Idol, we have you covered. If you are, then see you next season. Make sure to add us on Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter) for more American Idol news, spoilers, recaps, and much more.