American Idol 2009 Top 4 – Elimination Prediction Poll

Rock ‘N Roll night is over on American Idol 2009 and it was just as great as I had hoped. Glad to see Slash wasn’t losing the mysterious, hidden appearance anytime soon either! And what about those duets, huh? I don’t remember Idol having those before, but that was a cool way to help fill the time.

Oh, and hey knucklehead Kara DioGuardi, “early Aerosmith” is not “Crazy” or “Crying.” Those are from Aerosmith’s 1993 album “Get A Grip” while “Dream On” is from 1973. Where did they find this lady and what “music industry” did she supposedly come from??

What do you think? Who had the best performance of the night? Share your thoughts below in the comments and then be sure to vote for who you think will be eliminated on Wednesday’s Idol results show.

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