American Idol 2010: Ellen DeGeneres Boosts Fox’s Ratings

So many people claimed to NEVER watch the show again when FOX announced Ellen DeGeneres was coming in to replace Paula Abdul on American Idol.  I’d say they didn’t need to worry too much since 28 million viewers tuned in to see her debut Tuesday night.  This was the largest number since the season premiere.  In fact, it is the largest viewing in two years that didn’t include the finale or debut.

So for all the nay sayers out there who didn’t give her a chance, you were few and far between.  She was much better than anticipated and did give some worthwhile criticism to the contestants.  Whatever doubt I had about her judging ability was dispelled with her comment, “When people say ‘what do YOU know about music?’ I’ll tell you what I do know; I know what it’s like to stand on stage and try to please a room full of people.” 

I enjoyed her as a judge and firmly believe she brings some much needed comedy to the contestants and the other judges.  I say keep bringing it Ellen and don’t let all these wanna be know it all’s get you down.

What do you think?  Still not going to watch because of Ellen? Vote below!