American Idol 2010: Week 11 Theme

Update: Rumors from MJ’s blog is that Miley Cyrus and one of the Jona’s Brothers will perform on Wednesday night’s result show which would fit right in to the theme for this week however over at the official FOX Idol website if you roll your mouse over the top 11 picture it says Billboards #1 so not sure if they have changed the theme or not.  As soon as itune’s releases the song choices I will post a link.

According to a press release by FOX the theme for next week on American Idol is Teen Idols.  No details are given about this but one can only assume the contestants will be singing songs made famous by young stars like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and Jonas Brothers.  Of course it could cover a broad spectrum of artists including Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.  We will know more as soon as itunes releases the list of possible song choices.

I’m crossing my fingers for Garcia to come out with Baby One More Time.  How hilariously funny and classic would that be? 

This theme comes at a time when Justin Bieber is about to release a new album so perhaps Seacrest will get his wish to have him on the show.

What are your thoughts and what songs should the contestants sing?

Update: Crystal Bowersox was out shopping today at Metropark in Century City, snagging some clothes for next week’s shows. Click images to enlarge.