Burnell Taylor Audition On American Idol 2013 – ‘I’m Here’

Burnell Taylor auditions on Idol

Burnell Taylor was a standout performer during the Baton Rouge auditions for American Idol and closed the night’s episode on a strong note for the city.

The judges were more than just “moved” by Taylor’s rendition of “I’m Here” which gave judge Keith Urban some really strange facial expressions and added an odd dimension to the otherwise impressive audition. They were so impressed that three of the judges stood and clapped as he finished the song, leaving only Nicki Minaj in her seat.

Regardless of how many judges stood it was more than enough for Burnell Taylor to earn a Golden Ticket to move on to Hollywood and according to the spoilers we’ll be seeing even more of him on American Idol 2013.

Watch Burnell Taylor perform “I’m Here” in his audition video below.