Until recently American Idol garb was strictly a no-no on CafePress, but now, undoubtedly thanks to some legal arrangement, you can find all the swag for promoting Adam Glambert, Paula, Simon, Gokey, Kris, and all the rest of American Idol on their site.

To help promote this new stock of Idol gear, CafePress.com has offered me a giveaway for one of my lucky readers to win a shirt of his or her choosing from the CafePress catalog. My personal favorite might just have to be the “I’m here to see Scott” for obvious reasons, but if you’re the winner you can pick your very own.

Entering is easy. First, subscribe to the AmericanIdolNet.com email updates here. Second, send an email to contests@americanidolnet.com with “contest” in the subject. That’s it. I’ll randomly select one winner this Friday (5/15/09) who will get a free shirt from CafePress’ American Idol catalog of his or her choosing.

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