Will American Idol Come Back After A Year Off?

American Idol is in its final season but it really be the “Farewell Season” that we’re hearing from FOX? According to some of the judges’ comments there might be room for more Idol yet to come.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour last week we heard from Ryan Seacrest and several of the Idol Judges several hints that Idol might find new life down the road. Lopez commented “we’ll always be there when they call.” Urban mentioned, “I think the Eagles had at least three farewell tours.” Hmm.

Variety reports Lopez had more to say. “Lopez continued to tease the show being revived down the road. “I think you never know with a format like this that can work at any time — it’s possible.”

Of course the real issues are ratings and revenue and according to Ryan Seacrest, at least half of those are doing well for American Idol 2016. “The numbers look great this season, they look really good, and I think we’re all pleased that people are watching and some people are coming back to watch … Does that mean it’s the end? I’m not so sure.”

American Idol did manage to pull in eleven million viewers and take the night as a win last week with only a 5% dip from the year before. Of course you don’t want to see numbers dropping year from year, but if the show is winning the night then it’s still a strong force on FOX’s schedule.

Scott Borchetta stepped in to mention he supports going out strong and thinks Idol is doing the right thing with that move. However, Scott notes, if American Idol returns then there’s work to be done. “For that opportunity to be reinvented and re-imagined and how you can use the current media to reinvent ‘American Idol’ … it’s a really exciting opportunity to think about what that show would be.”

Hmm. Interesting. One thing is for sure though, American Idol 2017 doesn’t exist on the FOX schedule for next year, but if American Idol Season 16 is out there in the future then what would you want to see happen with the format?

Source: Variety.com