American Idol 2013: Best Auditions Of Week 3

Cristabel Clack auditions on American Idol 2013

This week on American Idol 2013, we’re heading into Hollywood Week, but before we get to that we’ve got some unfinished auction business to take care of.  It’s time to take a look back at last week and pull out the top auditions of week 3.

Best Auditions of American Idol 2013 Week 3

1. Rachel Hale. Country singer Rachel Hale was an instant hit among fans with her version of “People Get Ready.” Her audition was effortless and her personality was as big as her voice. The judges liked her and we’ll be seeing her this week in Hollywood. Let’s relive her audition:

2. Micah Johnson. After a medical mishap, Micah Johnson was left with a speech impediment, but that doesn’t stop his ability to sing. His version of “Chicken Fried” was not impaired in the least. The judges loved him and we’ll also be seeing him again this week during the Hollywood rounds. Let’s take another look at his audition:

3. Cristabel Clack.  At 29, this is Cristabel Clack’s last shot at American Idol. Her version of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” was a hit among fans and judges. She’s got a sweet rasp to her voice and it all just seems really natural. Let’s take another listen to her audition: