American Idol 2020 Episode 5 Recap: Final Auditions Bring Out Strong Talent

There were a whole new batch of American Idol 2020 hopefuls that wowed the judges on Sunday night in the final round of auditions. There are some definite stars in this group, and I think at least one them could possibly go all the way to Top 10 or further.

Let’s take a look at some of the best auditions from Sunday night.

Robert Taylor, “Bruises.” This guy is a very natural and effortless singer. He seems like he would be a great storyteller singer. The judges loved him, too, despite how shy he seemed before he started singing. He gets his golden ticket to Hollywood.

Grace Leer, “Crowded Table.” I think Grace might have the best overall voice we’ve heard this entire audition run. This woman is ready to go. She is radio-ready, and will likely go all the way – or close to it – this season. The judges thought she was great, too, so she got an easy pass to Hollywood.

Franklin Boone, “Dreams.” Good song choice, but I didn’t really love his gimmicky singing style. I mean he’s clearly talented, but when so many people sing like this to be unique it’s no longer unique. The judges saw some magic there, though, so we will be seeing him during Hollywood Week.

Megan Knight, “When You’re Mind’s Made Up.” The audition on a boat was a bit distracting, but Megan is a pretty solid singer. There was some Carrie Underwood in her voice. Her vibrato was a bit much, but she’s a talented singer. And she’s off to Hollywood!

Gilberto Rivera, “Proud Mary.” I thought this was going to be one of those gag auditors, but he could actually really sing. He was definitely hard to take seriously, but when I wasn’t watching the screen, it was pretty serious singing. They judges are apprehensive, but they send him to Hollywood.

Justin Oliver, “Treasure.” Justin has a lot of soul and seems like a great church singer, but I’m not sure what else there is. His talent is there though, but not enough to get him through to Hollywood.

Aliana Jester, “Who’s Loving You.” I thought she was a bit shouty, but she has a definite strong voice. She’s really good, technically, but I think she will need a different song to prove it. But there’s some star power there. She gets a ticket to Hollywood.

Jahzan, “Warrior.” There’s definitely something unique about her. And it’s naturally unique. It’s not forced like so many others. She isn’t the perfect technical singer, but she’s got some power and soul. The judges agreed she needs a bit of coaching, but she’s heading to Hollywood!

Jordan Moyes, “I’m On Fire.” I love this song, and it was nice hearing a totally different version of hit from Jordan. He wasn’t the best singer we’ve ever heard, but he has a lot of emotion and knows just how to deliver it. The judges loved him so he gets an easy pass to Hollywood.

Demi Rae, “Mad At You.” I didn’t expect her to be such a good singer and performer. I think the pink hoodie and hair just made me think this was going to be a silly audition. But she was incredible. She sounds better than most of the people on the radio today. I’m a fan. And so are the judges. We will see her during Hollywood Week.

Makayla Brownlee, “Traveling Solider.” I think Makaya is definitely a talented singer, but she sounds her age. And there’s no real emption or anything there yet. She hasn’t had any kind of hardness to harden her up it seems. The judges know she’s not quiet as strong as some of the others, but she gets her pass to Hollywood.

Amber Fielder, “Trust In Me.” I’m not sure why this was the final audition of the night over a couple of the others, but Amber is a very sweet singer, and there’s a lot of emotion there. I like her, though. Her voice is really soothing. I hope we hear more from her. The judges obviously send her on to Hollywood.

What ddi you think of the final round of the American Idol 2020 auditions?