American Idol 2020 Episode 8 Recap: Top 40 Chosen As Hollywood Week Ends

American Idol 2020 Hollywood Week wrapped up Monday night as the judges heard the final solo rounds and decided which 40 contestants would be heading to sing in Hawaii for the showcase round.

Once again, the performances were edited down, and some standouts weren’t even shown, so we can’t really do a legitimate recap, so let’s just take a look at the 40 contestants we will see perform in Hawaii.

American Idol 2020 Top 40 Announced

Aliana Jester
Amber Fiedler
Amelia Joyce
Cyniah Elise
DemiRae “Demi” Moreno
Emma Valentine
Faith Becnel
Geena Fontanella
Genavieve Linkowski (AI16 Hollywood Week)
Grace Leer (American Juniors Top 20)
Grace Lundy
Julia Gargano
Kimmy Gabriela
Lauren Mascitti
Lauren Spencer-Smith
Makayla Brownlee
Makayla Phillips (America’s Got Talent Season 13 Top 22)
Natalie Jane
Olivia Ximines
Perrin York
Samantha “Sam” Diaz (A.K.A. Just Sam)
Shannon Gibbons
Sophia Wackerman

Bilaal Avaz
Cameron Havens
Devon Alexander
DeWayne Crocker, Jr. (B.E.T.’s Sunday Best: Race To The Stage Winner)
Dibesh Pokharel (A.K.A. Arthur Gunn)
Dillon James
Elyjuh René (The Voice U.S. Season 7 Top 20)
Francisco Martin
Franklin Boone
Jeb VonderBruegge
Jonny West
Jordan Jones
Jovin Webb
Louis Knight
Nick Merico (Last Season Hollywood Week)
Rob Taylor (The Voice U.S. Season 8 Top 10)
Travis Finlay (Season 14 Hollywood Week)

Did any of your favorites not make the cut? It was sad to see Margie Mays and Jonny West get split up, but Margie says she will be rooting for her boyfriend all the way.

The American Idol 2020 Showcase rounds in Hawaii air next Sunday and Monday nights, and we will find out the Top 20 (or Top 24) at that time. Who are you rooting for?