American Idol Halts Production Amid Coronavirus Concerns

American Idol 2020 is the latest TV show to shut down production during the coronavirus outbreak.

According to TV Line, all contestants were sent home to be with their families and anyone on production will be working from home. There’s no word on how this will affect the live shows scheduled to start by the end of the month and continue through April and part of May. If there’s still a global pandemic at that time, we can expect those to not start. Idol producers had already previously said there wouldn’t be live audiences during the live shows, but that was before the scope of the situation worsened.

Deadline reports that “the decision by American Idol producer Fremantle was made following  Los Angeles County’s new strict guidelines prohibiting large gatherings to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

The episodes that have already filmed, however, will continue to air as scheduled. This Sunday’s episode will feature the current hopefuls singing as duets, instead of groups as previous season. Then on Monday, Hollywood Week wraps up with solo performances by those who survive the duet round. After Hollywood Week comes the showcase rounds by the Top 40, which have already been taped.

We will keep you posted on any other information we get on the upcoming American Idol 2020 schedule.