American Idol Judges Love Affair [Video]

The American Idol judges have dealt with their fair share of kooky contestants over the years. We’ve watched with amusement, and sometimes horror, as some truly memorable hopefuls have fawned over the American Idol judges, especially current celebrity panel member Jennifer Lopez.

American Idol Jennifer Lopez

Yes, it seems that quite a few singers vying for the judges’ attention would really like some extra special consideration from their favorite judge. It’s an American Idol love affair that is pretty much entirely one-sided. Well, unless you count those whole rumors about Paula Abdul and that contestant… or how Nicki Minaj was “obsessed” with every cute guy and girl on the show.

Honestly, we have to say there are a few ‘loving’ American Idol contestants in the video montage above that we might think about getting a restraining order for! But usually it’s really all in good fun, and I’m sure the American Idol judges are flattered (and possibly frightened) by all the love.