American Idol Season 14 Auditions Recap: The New Orleans Standouts

Last night American Idol 2015 auditions headed to judge Harry Connick Jr’s hometown of New Orleans and discovered another crop of Season 14 hopefuls.


We were treated to some bad auditions at first, but then we got to see the best New Orleans had to offer. Let’s take a look at the standouts.

Jelly Joseph, “Rolling in the Deep.” Jelly got some soul. I didn’t love the song choice for her, but other than that she was very solid. She was a natural and seems to be a lot of fun as well. The judges loved her and sent her on to Hollywood.

Tiffany Stringer, “Want You Back.” Eh. I like this girl’s energy and spunk, but the vocals are not there. But then again, there are people out there like her making records, so she’s not that much of a stretch. I’d say no. Keith says yes. Harry says no and JLo says yes. So she’s off to Hollywood.

Greyson Turner, “Chasing Shadows.” This guy is only 15 and he’s talking about not singing in coffee shops any longer. Slow down, there, pal. You have a lot of life left Anyway, I liked his audition. His tone is great, his confidence is there. I like him. He’s going to be a great performer. Maybe not right now, but he will be. He gets three yeses.

Sarah Quintana, “St. James Infermiry Blues.” I don’t see this girl working out on American Idol, but that sounded amazing. I love that she’s an old-spirit. That was very entertaining. Harry and Jlo agrees with me

Quentin Alexander, “Royals.” Great song choice for a guy. And great audition. He got a little breathy and lost his way a bit, but I liked it as a whole. And so did the judges. He got his ticket to Hollywood Week.

Mikey Duran. He’s original song actually sounded like I was listening to the radio. It was a great song and a great audition. I love, love, love his voice. This guy not only needs to go to Hollywood,but he needs to be in the American Idol finale. I don’t think I’ll get that wish, but at least he gets his Hollywood ticket.

Ricky Hendricks, “The Thunder Rolls.” Ricky has a great energy and an obvious passion, but he seems a little too fresh. He needs to roughen up a little and seem like an artist that can hold up to the business. Harry touched on what I was getting, too. So I feel justified. Ha. He gets his ticket to Hollywood. Maybe he’ll toughen up there.

Dakota Suarez. Not sure what the song was, but the performance was a little off. I think he’d make a great drag queen, though. But like Harry says, the voice is almost there but not all the way. Harry says no, JLo says yes, Keith says yes. So Dakota is heading to Hollywood.

Adam Lasher, “These Shoes.” Are you kidding me? This guy had me after just a few notes. Another natural. I would actually buy this guy’s stuff right now. The judges loved him as well, so he’s got his golden ticket to Hollywood.

Erica Washington, “Halo.” I think she’s a great performer and has a great poise and look. She’s almost a little too right, but whatever. I think she’s great and should go on to Hollywood. And she does, thankfully. She gets three yeses.