Are These Former American Idol Finalists On The Masked Singer Season 11?

The Masked Singer Season 11: Rita Ora, Robin Thicke, and Ken Jeong
Courtesy of (c) Fox.

American Idol former contestants often stay busy, so it’s not unusual to see them on various reality TV shows, movies, hosting, and other forms of media. However, as someone who occasionally watches The Masked Singer, I was excited and shocked to hear the voices of these two former American Idol finalists on The Masked Singer Season 11.

These two contestants aren’t the only former American Idol contestants to appear on The Masked Singer. Chris Daughtry appeared in the second season of  The Masked Singer US. He made it to the finale night. Tori Kelly also appeared on the fourth season of The Masked Singer. David Archuleta appeared in Season 9 and also made it to the finale. Therefore, it’s common for former American Idol contestants to make it pretty far.

However, this time it seems that two American Idol finalists have paired up to compete and possibly win The Masked Singer Season 11. Let’s examine the clues and why I think these two former Idols are on the hit Fox reality show. 

Warning Potential The Masked Singer Season 11 Spoilers are ahead. Proceed with caution. 

Are Clay Aiken And Ruben Studdard On The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer Season 11-The Beets
Courtesy of (c) Fox.

I don’t pay much attention to The Masked Singer clues. I listen to the voice and see if I can recognize the performer or performers. So first I listened to the Beets’ voices and then looked back at the clues.

I have been an American Idol fan since Season 1 and was especially obsessed with the show in the first two seasons. I was fully invested in the Ruben Studdard vs Clay Aiken battle. Both are amazing singers who equally deserved to win. Ultimately, Ruben won American Idol Season 2.

Because I was glued to that season, I know their voices. Therefore, when they sang “Home” by Michael Bublé, it became obvious who the duo were in the Beets costume. The clues also confirmed my guess. In the clue package, the Beets talk about people trying to turn them against each other. That references their battle all season for the American Idol crown. They talk about their friendship. Clay and Ruben are close friends and even went on tour together in 2023. 

There is also a mention of 40 million views. The American Idol Season 2 finale is the most-watched episode ever of the show. It had nearly 40 million viewers. They also show a two-of-heart card in the clue package. The two references them being the American Idol Season 2 finalist. The card could also reference “Solitaire,” one of Clay’s most memorable Idol performances. Ruben also sang “Music of My Heart” and “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” on Idol

The Masked Singer-The Beets and Nick Cannon
Courtesy (c) Fox

The clue package also shows the Beets discussing returning to their roots by being on The Masked Singer. Obviously, the roots reference their American idol career start. The Masked Singer marks their return to singing competition shows. 

The Beets appeared on The Masked Singer Season 11 Episode 2. Because of the series’ format, it will be a few more episodes before the Beets appear and perform again. So we can only speculate for now, but I suspect Ruben and Clay are wearing the Beets costume. Hopefully, they take it all the way home and become the first former American Idol contestants to win The Masked Singer.

Check out the Beets performance above: do you think Clay and Ruben are on The Masked Singer Season 11?

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