Jennifer Lopez Criminally Sexy? Booty-Shaking Lawsuit!

Is American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez so sexy it’s criminal? Well, according to a lawsuit filed in Morocco, apparently she is. A conservative group in the North African nation claims the singer’s recent concert there was so lewd, she should go to prison!

Jennifer Lopez performs in Morocco (YouTube)
Jennifer Lopez performs in Morocco (YouTube)

According to the lawsuit, the Jennifer Lopez Morocco concert was so sexy, it “disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect. In addition to asking for Jennifer Lopez to be punished for the public display of her, um, assets, the lawsuit also states Morocco’s Minister of Communications, Mustapha Khalifi, should resign his post for allowing the concert to air on television.

The American Idol judge’s sultry, suggestive dancing barely even registers on the radar here in the U.S., but Morocco is a much more conservative country. There are even laws against overly sexual material being broadcast on TV. Although he has refuted calls for his resignation, Mr. Khalifi did post on Twitter that he found the performance to be “unacceptable and goes against broadcasting law.”

Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane has officially opened an investigation into the Jennifer Lopez concert, calling the TV broadcast a “serious delinquency” and “disgraceful,” according to The Daily Star.

If Jennifer Lopez was actually ever charged with and convicted of the crimes the lawsuit claims she is guilty of, she would face up to two years in prison. However, we guess that if such a thing were to happen, J-Lo would never actually serve a day in jail. She’d just put Morocco on her own personal no-fly list, if she hasn’t already.