Kelly Clarkson ‘Game Of Thrones’ Christmas Card Is Coming

Kelly Clarkson is ready for the holiday season with her family’s new “Game of Thrones” themed Christmas card that looks ready to take on the Lannisters.

Kelly Clarkson & Blackstock GoT Christmas Card
Kelly Clarkson & Blackstock GoT Christmas Card – Source: Twitter

Kelly shared her Christmas card online earlier this week as a fun seasonal approach to the traditional family photo which features her husband Brandon Blackstock, his two children, and their young one, River.

Borrowing the famous Thrones tagline, “Winter Is Coming” is noted on the card but could that be more than just about the cold weather and instead telling us something about their baby-on-the-way? No word yet and maybe its just a fun reference. We’ll have to wait and see on that. Check out the full card below:

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While most of us probably won’t pull off such a well done card ourselves, we hope all of you are getting ready to have your very own merry Christmas!