Adam Lambert Fan Hides In His Car, American Idol Alum Amused

We would probably be freaked out if we got into our car and some crazy fan was sitting in there waiting for us. Our brains would immediately go to “serial killer run run run!” American Idol alum Adam Lambert, however, apparently was more amused than terrified when this actually happened to him.

Adam Lambert on Glee (FOX)
Adam Lambert on Glee (FOX)

When Adam Lambert arrived in Australia for the next part of his tour as the front-man of Queen, he found an unexpected present waiting in his car. Somehow, a female fan managed to get past security and sneak her way into the vehicle waiting to pick Adam up.

According to Digital Spy, Adam got into the car and found the woman sitting there waiting for him. Oddly enough, she was apparently so starstruck that she couldn’t even say hello. She apparently just sat there facing forward and didn’t make eye contact with Adam or say anything to him.

While many of us might be frightened to find some strange person stalking us in such a manner, Adam Lambert reportedly took it all in stride. A source told Digital Spy that Adam found the fan’s attempt to meet with him “hilarious.”

We wonder if the fan in question had been a hot guy what Adam might have said (or done) about finding such a nice gift waiting for him in his car…