American Idol 2009 Top 4 – The Week Ahead

Last week on American Idol 2009 Matt Giraud finally ran out of second chances and was eliminated while standing next to Adam Lambert in the Top 5’s Bottom Two vote earners. Wow, Lambert was one position away from elimination. Is Adam in trouble now that his elimination buffer was sent home last week or will his fans vote more than ever?

The Idol theme this week is going to be rock songs! This could be awesome because all of the Top 4 singers seem well suited for this theme. After Lambert’s dramatic entrance down the stairs last week I’m wondering if he’ll talk Simon into letting him be lowered from the ceiling on wires! We’ll know Tuesday night when Slash arrives to provide mentorship for the remaining singers.

On Wednesday night’s Idol results show we’ll learn who is eliminated and who remains to make up the season’s Top 3. Former Idol contestant Chris Daughtry will be returning to perform his single “No Surprise,” from his upcoming album. I’m looking forward to hear what his new album will be like. “No Doubt” will share the stage that night as well to perform.

It’s time for more predictions for who is going to have a great week and who will be sent packing. Let’s hear your thoughts and comments now!