American Idol 2009 Top 5 Elimination Results – April 29, 2009

Tonight on American Idol 2009, the elimination results for this season’s Top 5 will be revealed. Stay tuned…

So far this week’s bottom performers are: 1 Adam, 2 – Kris, 3 – Matt

I think most people are surprised to see Adam Lambert in the bottom three tonight. Ryan asked Adam to pick if he should stand with Gokey & Allison or with Kris & Matt. Adam picked Gokey & Allison, but Ryan said he was wrong and moved him across the stage to the bottom three. Oh snap!

Ryan has revealed that Kris Allen is safe tonight. Either Adam Lambert or Matt Giraud will be going home.

American Idol 2009 Top 5 Elimination Results:

  • Matt Giraud

After having survived an extra 2 weeks thanks to the Judges’ Save, Matt Giraud has been eliminated. Adam Lambert squeezed through this week and will remain in the competition. Let’s hear your thoughts on tonight’s results!




  1. It is a trick. They would like to draw more people to watch the show and in doing so, they used Adam Lambert when for sure that 95% of the votes belongs to him

  2. I like Adam. But, I understand how America feels. He’s just showing the same stuff over and over….yawn! Hey, Adam, lessen your screaming, show us some new stuff…Cheers!

  3. matt was fantastic and has more talent than gokey. what is the big fascination with that guy! he has NEVER gotten a poor response from the judges. sure he can sing but, i am so sick of seeing adam’s giant tongue its gross!

  4. Oh no, was that possible that Adam was really in the bottom 3? America can get it wrong, look who is our current president.

  5. Matt was robbed. As a professional musician he really had the voice to win this. It’s too bad he was eliminated on such an incredible performance. Adam is great but he’s music theatre. Let’s hope Danny can save this competition and win it.

  6. I would say america got it wrong as far as the bottom three but fans have nothing to do with it,if we think our vote counts were all nuts.They put the best in the whole competition in the bottom three,adam that is.Give me a break.

  7. Are you kidding me? Adam in the bottom two, has the world gone crazy? He was used to get higher rating, everyone know it’s not even really a competition. Adam is the most talented idol that has ever been on the show!!!

  8. Hey Lindsey,
    You’re a professional musician and you’re posting on a fan website.

    Who’s more pathetic, you or Matt’s performance last night?

    You, at least I watched his pathetic “Funny Valentine” performance.

  9. Well America you got the voting right this time–Everyone is tired of Watching Adam scream and stick his tongue out….How stupid…..Maybe he will be off next week and all the Talent will Shine…..

  10. Come on america,adam lambert in the bottom two,He desearves more respect for his talent then that.My jaw dropped (as well as many others i’m sure)including the judges.PLease don’t foget this is a singing compitition.brings back nightmares of what happened to daughtry and look at him today.

  11. Adam has already won in a lot of people’s hearts internationally!!!! If America does not vote for him so what…
    Daughtry did not win but who is topping the charts now??? TAYLOR HICKS??? Nyahahahahaha!!!
    That’s America – Land of the free and sometimes ……………..

  12. Of course the rest have talent, no doubt about that, but who stands out amidst all these talents is what IDOL is all about…

  13. I feel that this competition is based on popularity and not on talent so other factors such as sexual preference etc may come into play. This does not bode well for Adam due to the internet pictures of him in drag and kissing other men even though he probably is the most talented singer on the show. However, my favourite is Danny. Danny is a true R & B crooner and I would buy his genre of music rather than Adam’s choice of music.

  14. ADAM IN D BOTTOM TWO???? americans might b crazy!! ah well, itz OK, adam is a world idol already…. even if he doesnt win american idol… hez a winner already in lotz of people around the world’s heart!!

    anyway, adam probably will do even greater without winning american idol…. i’m sure lotz of people can recognize real talent!!

    soo go ADAM!! win or not, u’ll b GREAT!!! XDD

    p.s i still feel though, if adam somehow gets eliminated… i’ll probably lose faith in american idol. this is a SINGING COMPETITION ryte???? open ur eyes people!!

  15. uh, i know that i shouldnt write again but….

    *sighing* I JUST FEEL SO DISAPPOINTED!! with ADAM in the bottom two n all!!

  16. with all respect I don’t think Gorky is as good as they say. He is more popular that talented although he sings good. I think his sad story was also used as a marketing tool.
    I do believe that Matt is better as a singer but not as popular.

    Adam Lambert has an original voice and is a differet singer, so is the cute young girl who has a great voice… only my opinion

  17. Okay, how many of you Adam fans didn’t vote last night because you thought you didn’t have to? Remember next week to vote, vote, vote!!! No one is safe! Jamie Foxx is an Adam fan so he will do okay. Remember he said if he didn’t win, they would do something and then tonight he mentioned him. Isn’t it great that there are now 4 great finalists?!! What ever happened to Jordan? Remember, she was the AI one year. Too bad one of these finalists couldn’t have been around then. She was sweet and a good singer but not AI material.

  18. These results tonight really threw me. I didn’t think Danny’s performance or Allison’s were better than the other three. From what I’ve read, Danny seems to have this small group of teenagers (from his fansite) that spend all of their time voting hundreds of times for him. One girl posted that she voted 200 times for Danny. It doesn’t seem fair to be able to do that. I don’t know how anyone would even have the time to do that. That’s crazy!

  19. I am amazed (and glad) that allison did not sit at the bottom three tonight. I was suprised however that adam was in that category this week. Just showed that allison still has the same chance of becoming idol than adam lambert. But i know for sure that danny gokey wont be the next idol, he is MONOTONOUS!!!

  20. Adam in the bottom three was very surprising. Allison with Danny and Matt could have been at the bottom three this time. Adam is a class apart, and could be compared to the great Freddie Mercury, Elvis, Mic Jagger or Aerosmith. He’s going to do really great in the future.

  21. i agree adam in the bottom three is not right ,he has the most talent and best voice ,i like chris ,but he can t win this competition, if adam goes then the ratings go ,after the last great idol ,chris daurtry was voted off ,that was unfear ,now look at him, america has to vote for who sings the best ,not who is cuter ,or straight ,you have to forget where they come from and listen with your heart , go adam you are the best by far ,it is rigged if you are voted off ,i think from the beginning they put gokie in the running to win ,he can t ,he is average compared to adam

  22. Very disappointed that Matt was elimenated tonight. Like they said this is only the beinning for Matt. He will go along away if he works hard.

  23. All five singers/artists are amazing, so it is anyone’s game now. My favorite is Danny and I hope he wins; however, this is a stiff competition.

  24. Well, though Adam has been my idol in this competition all along, honestly, I was not surprised. He was not doing as great as he usually has, escept for the walking down the stairs and facial expression. I think Danny delivered the best, vocally speaking. And, what a strong ending! I was surprised, but relieved all at the same time to see Allison save and sound–so far.

  25. I agree that Adam being in the bottom 3 was not right…however, Allison being in the top was right on. Just would like to say to those who believe that Adam being in the bottom was fixed or he was just put there for ratings??? America simply did not vote for him b/c they either believe he would be safe and felt the need not to vote or just other people were better than him….if you listen each week, every results show is a record of votes….so putting him there just for viewers and ratings is crazy!!!! Funny now, how some, not all, are now questioning Adams victory due to him being in the bottom 2. Im a firm believer still it will be an Adam/Allison finale…just now questioning with Adam being in the bottom 2, if he WILL take the title. Next week is rock week, Allison and Adams area of performance and vocals!!! Kris is good just to boring for me and Danny, i believe is just getting a sympathy vote, hes a great singer, but just doesnt do it for me.

  26. C’mon people! I too am surprised that Adam was in the bottom 3 but think about it. With Lil Rounds now out of the competition, Allison is going to get alot of support as the only female left in the competition. That means the guys will be in direct competition. I expect Allison will proceed to the final 3 with one of the guys eliminated next week. My guess is it will be Kris. Adam will get alot of support because of his placing this week and Danny will get his usual support. Allison will fall two weeks from now leaving a Danny/Adam final. Expect Danny to take the final.

  27. I will miss Matt! All 5 are great….except for Allison. Poor thing has trouble answering a question…yeah, I know it’s a singing competition, but still….. GO KRIS!!!!!! We love you!!!

  28. Well I am in Australia so I have yet to view the elimination process but Adam being in the bottom three is OUT OF THIS WORLD…… I mean I only watch idol because of Adam well not really but I have never ever googled idol or wanted to sneak previews or downloaded songs or sent adam’s songs to every person i know. I am fascinated mesmerised and completely won over by Adam. Ok last nights performance was a bit over the top the last note held a bit too long too much tounge and it did look a bit uppity but he is a sweet gay boy and he is an unbelieveable performer ok being in the bottom two probably a publicity stunt who knows but if Adam leaves next week I will be very uninterested in Idol. I will watch for Adam entrance into the celebrity world and I will come over to American for his first concert. thanks Adam

  29. This year is amazing with the great talent of the final 5. I hope all of them will be successful. Must mention….How in the world did Taylor Hicks win????

  30. The judges already know that Adam is in a league of his own—they have as much as said that—why is it that his name is plastered all over the websites.I can’t wait to see what he does after idol.Unfortunetly the voting is not just on the singing and performing talent. People vote for all kinds of reasons.

  31. Adam in the bottom 3?
    A wake-up-call for all Adam fans….VOTE!!!!
    Kris and Danny…totally boring.

  32. everybody who mentions Adams tongue:
    That how he gets those fantastic high notes out!!!

  33. I am so surprised for Adam to be in the bottom three,because so many people like him,even Sion.To me Adam doesn’t have a good voice like Kris,but he is still good.Danny is never meant to be the next American idol.Allison is a good singer but she used to have tough times.For me, the top three is Adam,Allison & Kris.The winner might be Adam or Alison/Kris.My favorites out of all the American idols are Jasmine,Alexis,Lil’,Kris, Adam & Allison.I also liked Anoop.

  34. Hey there again!!!Just wanted to say congratulations to my man Danny, for the great performance. I also want to thank America for the great voting. It is true that Adam should not have been in the bottom three, but come on man, with these people being the last five, no one deserves to be in the bottom three, coz they are all talented. But for all the Adam fans, just because your guy is in the bottom three, doesn’t mean that he deserves to be there. Let’s face it, not every American liked his performance which accounts for the voting. In order for people to vote, the song choice needs to be in the form that everyone, both young and old will be able to enjoy.

    Therefore, in saying that, I just want to say congratulations to everyone who made it especially Danny for making it to the next round. It is going to be really tough but the winner takes it all.

    Matt, it is such a sad thing for me to see you go, because you have one of the most original voices I have heard. But this is not the end. Like I always say, the sun will rise again, and tomorrow is another day.

    Well, I guess that is it from me, good luck to everyone for next week, and especially to DANNY GOKEY. Bye for now!!!!!

  35. I was speechless when I was watching the results show. …Sorta. If you call running around the room screaming and then feeling like I was gonna throw up and feeling depressed and disgusted and insane being speechless. I was literally crying. I could not believe that Adam would EVER be in the bottom three. The people that don’t like him are pricks. My mom suggested that it was probably because people thought he’d be safe, so they didn’t vote for him. So I hope the results show scared the living hell out of Lambert fans so they’ll vote, like, a million times next week.

    And, holy shit, why the hell do people like Douchey Gorkey so much? He’s a conceited little @#*! that really only gets votes from those stupid teenage girls who vote for him 300 times each. You know what? I’ll create my own army of Lambert fans, and we’ll vote 1,000 times each. We’ll vote until our fingers fall off! (And, yes, I love Adam so much I’m ready to lose my fingers. They won’t help me get any closer to Adam, anyway, so what are they good for, besides voting?) Or we’ll just split the army in half, one half will be left to vote, the other will be ordered to slaughter the little bitches who think Douchey should win. So what if his wife died? And in his stupid song he had his stupid little mini-sermon about being in a stupid situation in which you felt stupididly sad. … I don’t feel like ranting anymore, so I think I’ll just take up the hobby of relentless homicide.

  36. no, no, no, no, no….. pleeeaase vote for adam people, its true, people thinks he will be fine without voting, WRONG, vote, vote, vote, vote…. i personally think they succesfully wasted the SAVE on matt… GO ADAM… HE M U S T WIN….

  37. Baby Girl, I agree with you full heartedly, they should have saved the “save” for Adam or perhaps for even Allison. Those 2 have been consistently good every single solitaire week. Adam has not missed a step and Allison probably had only one bad week where she did not get high remarks from all of the judges. The other guys they have had at least 3 bad weeks or more where they did not get good remarks from the judges. I am looking at this competition going to a winner who is consistently good EVERY week and that is ADAM! Period, Amen!

  38. How disappointing for Adam to be bottom 3. Hope America will vote for him in the next few weeks. Best of luck to Adam!

  39. I’m glad to see this site has people commenting who seem to have pretty good sense and are not trying to spread hate on any of the contestants. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions based on their taste in music and judgment of a contestant’s talents and performance and it’s nice to see the comments generally slanted that way. I’m a Canadian and would just like to say you should make sure you do vote and vote often if you really would like to see your favourite win – they can’t win if you don’t (wish I could vote here). I also think there should only be one vote per phone number allowed – it’s insane the way things are set-up if you ask me.

  40. The voting system used in AI made a mockery of the show as it did not bring out fairness and reality. Even the judges did not agree with e3ach other. I wasn’t surprise that Adam was in the bottom. He has been dishing out the same week after week. Danny and Allison are my choice.

  41. Vag, Amen to your comment with the voting system. It’s nuts that you can vote as many times as you like! I mean really, who want’s to be on the phone for several hours hitting the redial button?! Only if you don’t have a life! Personally, I like the way some of the other shows such as DWTS’s does it, they allow only a maximum vote of 7 per phone number. I sure wish AI would do the same. Hey, let’s start a petition.

  42. I admit I am in shock. Adam has consistantly out performed everyone
    every week. It does show however if we get lax and do not vote we could
    lose Adam. I for one, refuse to let that happen. Matt ended the show with a tremendous amount of class, and his performance tonight of his song was perfect. It is so hard to predict this year, This top five, now four are all absolutely amazing, and as Jamie Foxx said tonight they will all be amazing artists, they are that good. I still believe Adam Lambert should win American Idol, He is so much more than just a singer, He truly is a performer. To all Adam Fans, I say this was a wake up call, we have to vote, we cannot just assume he will win.

  43. People, to be in top 5 means all the singers are great.
    But seriously, (ok maybe i’m very biased), Adam can sing like so f**king well. I don’t know how you guys can say he can’t sing. For those who say he can’t sing, can YOU GUYS sing better than him?
    I agree with people who say Adam’s like showing the same old thing every week. But he’ showing the same old GOOD stuff every week.
    Who can be as consistent as him?
    (pardon me danny fans, i feel that he’s gaining sympathy votes. He can sing. but he is ALSO the same every week. MONOTONOUS.)

    to end, I AGREE WITH ALL THE COMMENTS OF ADAM FANS! C’MON AMERICA! VOTE FOR HIM! i can’t vote because i’m not in America. People, VOTE FOR ME!

  44. I am also in Australia and watch Idol every week to see Adam perform. I find him fascinating and am completely addicted. I can not believe he was in the bottom three this week, the others are talented but not in the same league. If Adam is voted off I doubt I will continue watching Idol. America needs to vote for him and not asume he will be safe every week, if we could vote in Australia I would definately vote for Adam every week. Whatever happens on idol I think it’s obvious he will go far in the future with his talent.

  45. Adam Fan

    Guess I posted my comment too soon. It’s great to be an Adam fan ( and I count myself as one of his biggest) but I think it’s best to build him up without knocking the other contestants down -it just fuels the smallness that make Adam’s competitors more determined. Adam is the best… because he’s Adam. I agree with you over the voting system – I think it’s ludicrous myself (too bad I can’t vote from Canada!) Go Adam! And yes, all you Adam fans please don’t get complacent as I think you may have gotten. I have to say I liked his performance this week the least of all (it was still great and still the best of the five contestants in my opinion) because I think it was the most “Broadwayesque” and probably the his fans least identified with. He also didn’t seem to be as comfortable “playing” the “Ratpacker” as he did in all his other performances, “Ring of Fire” included – perhaps because even though he’s a fine actor, this role seems the least “him”. Next week’s rock week and I’m sure he’ll be back in full force! But please all you Adam fans, look what happens when you assume your idol is safe!Vote!

  46. My husband knows music. He been in a band before. He said if Adam didn’t win the competition, he won’t watch AI anymore.

  47. Pro & Contra,

    Glad to see your comment on this site re Adam sticking his tongue out. Adam sticks his tongue out (and it looks pretty normal sized to me – look in the mirror you’all and stick out your own tongues ) in order to reach and hold those incredibly high notes – it’s a vocal technique, not an attitude problem!- which I recognized right away.

  48. I forgot to say that I voted for Adam for half an hour. 5 times per minutes, you do the math. If one voted for full two hours, it’s about 600 times. Adam is the most charming and talented in the crowd

  49. Yes, Adam will do fine no matter whether he wins the top spot or not but please remember all you Adam fans, he wants to win AI and you need to do everything you can to make that a reality he deserves to win so vote …vote …vote for your idol. Go Adam! Also I want to see him perform until the very end …. I’m in Canada and AI doesn’t tour here….sob!

  50. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa…AI or at least Adam fans around the world crack me up!!! Don’t worry people, Adamantics will be fine for next week. I’m a true blue Allison fan but also love Adam. Americans do the weirdest things like vote for Taylor Hicks. Ha Ha Ha its so funny!
    Its the finale on May 20th you should be thinkin about Americans. Adam and Allison – Top 2! You know you should. Its the right thing to do.
    Danny? No. Kris – maybe #3.
    Keep the girl in with a grin. oooo..thats so cheesy. Just keep Allison in people…..and Adamantics. Just 2 more weeks!

  51. Good-Bye Matty! I will miss you. I supported Matt G. through the whole contest because of his soulful voice, his piano playing skills and him being a mixture of JT and Buble. Although, I loved his performance last night, I thought he chose the wrong song. I do believe that if he chose another song, he would still be here. It doesn’t matter though, I still support his career. He was not as popular, but he deserved the save and all the praises he got tonight. Go MATT! Have Fun on tour.

  52. make ai a Matt ia aikae ua pa’u ai fua le baby lega o Anoop. By da way..i was 4 da surprising ta hia dat Adam was in da bottom 3..newais keep up da good work guys..good luck 4 da finals…and ill b cheering 4 alison and adam..i hope one of u guys will win..

  53. I was very surprised to see that Adam was in the bottom 3, but It gave me hope for Gokey and Allison.. I saw the look of shock in Adams eyes..I like him too, a great talent!! I knew America would start voting, and I know that the type America loves best is Gokey!!! ME TOO!!

  54. ADAM LAMBERT IS AMAZING.HE is the next Elvis,you have to vote vote vote just like Anne said.

  55. Adam is in a league of his own. How disappointing he was in the bottom three–hard to believe!!!!

  56. Another comment from me… I was listening to the remaining 5 sing again today without watching the performance. Adams voice lacks where his chrisma and entertaining skills pick up!!! I’am very much a fan, but lets face it Gokey and Allison are the best singers!!

  57. Bravo to all remaining 4. Everyone did well. Matt did not have his heart and soul into his singing last night. I agree with Randy he had some pitchy moments. But it’s never the end for any of them. They just have to move on and hope for the best.

  58. Hi! I come from Indonesia, but i really love American Idol and i always watch this show. Based on any other previous AI, i think this is the best top 5 ever in this show..
    Everybody has each talents that can make them remaining on this show..
    And i think America always pick the right winner in the end! So let’s see who will be the winner of this competition this year…

  59. Last night they ALL were good……and then there was Adam
    OMG…….It’s over, Adam is the best idol in 8 years~

  60. The biggest talent is Allison. Danny Gokey has a common voice. Adam Lambert knows only how to scream .

  61. AI has achieved exactly what they intended to do. That is to create contiversy. That is what TV is all about, advertising,marketability and RATINGS. Adam in the bottom two, get real. We all know the final two will be Allison & Adam, why? Marketing, they are both very marketable individuals. Allison, have we forgotten how old she is? That in it’s self will help to promote her. Adam, what more can you say, he has originality and style. Isn’t entertainment about putting on a great show? All of the top EIGHT will do well. I’m a father of four and am over 50 years old and I am totally blowed away with the showmanship (and singing originality) of Adam. ADAM WINS reguardless of how we vote & Allison is second. I even have a $5.00 bet that Adam wins. One last thought…Susan Boyle, you go girl. I still get chills when I watch her on YouTube.

  62. This season of American idol has less excitement unlike the last season. Last season was great because of the match between two great talents of David Archuleta and David Cook.

  63. Bring somebody in like Susan Boyle, and then I will start watching American Idol again.

  64. Adam Lambert is the best contestant in the entire history of AI, hands down. One of the best male singer/performers ever. He has the potential to become as popular worldwide as Elvis. I just hope he doesn’t lose control over his life like the king did. People who vote thought Adam was safe, and voted for other contestants they thought were great last night. All the performances were exceptional, Matt was the least exceptional last night. That’s the way I see it.

  65. aAt this point all of the contestants are so talented, that its hard to say which way this competition will go. It doesn’t suprize me about Adam being in the bottom. As great as he is I think most americans are tired of hearing that same high pitch almost like a scream in almost every song he sings. I think the last 4 standing are all deserving of the title, they all have worked very hard. Look hard at them and think They all can sing, but which one can be a role model to all americans not only in voice but character. On that note If i had to choose the last two standing it would probably be kris and Danny.

  66. Wow, what happened???? The thing that is so weird, is that if you look at polls, Allison and Matt were in the bottom 2, with Adam, Matt, and Kris very close, within a couple of percentages of each other. And these were polls done after Tues performance. Could it be that people were too apathetic to vote, thinking Adam would be safe no matter what? I agree, the remaining 4 all all talented, but let’s face it, we are voting for the best. In my humble opinion that is Adam. His voice is so pure, and his ability to hold notes is amazing, and he is soooooo entertaining,and fun. Really, could you actually sit through a 100% concert of Kris?……. yawn. He is so laid back, he looks as if he could fall asleep in an interview. This was a glitch, all you Adam fans, get voting. Don’t let him down. He WANTS TO WIN!!!!!

  67. I cannot believe Adam was in the bottom 2!! Seriously, people gotta stop taking for granted that he’s gonna win, and vote!!!

    He’s really my reason for watching idol, I mean, I kinda lost faith when David Archuleta didn’t win last year, but if Adam doesn’t win, I think I might stop watching the show!!

  68. If Adam does not win….
    AMERICAN IDOL has no credibility!
    Someone write up a contract for Adam Lambert and I am sure the RATE OF RETURN will be 505% THEN GET HIM OUTTA AMERICAN IDOL so that there will be a competition…. whoever wins I don’t really care as long as it’s not GOKEY! Sorry GOKEY fans… He’s too arrogant for me…

  69. Gokey’s good though I just don’t like his attitude…
    My heart goes out to Allison who really has talent. I am pretty sure someone out there has something planned out for her…
    I love seeing how Kris’s confidence has slowly been building up. He really is a darling no wonder a lotta people like him…

  70. Danny’s performance was great Even my little daughter aged 1 year stood up and clapped her hands after his performance. I feel Danny is a very sincere guy and I hope he will be in the finals with Allison. ( the oldest & youngest contestant) I agree that Adam does a lot of screaming and people are beginning to realize it now. He deserved to be in the bottom 3.

  71. My daughter who’s 2 and a half has trouble keeping still but when Lambert performs she stays in her little corner and watches very intently and does a clapping standing ovation when Lambert is through performing….

  72. After all his excellent performances I don’t uhderstand how Adam is in the bottom three, he has the best vocals, best performance, the only reason I watched the show is to see his performance. You do not come across a performer like Adam very often, he is exceptional.

  73. matt sucked anyway. he was just a justin timerlake fag wannabe. this crap is nuts. people are crying about a competition? grow up. you are adults and young adults. i watch a.i. weekly nut im not obsessed.and yes i think danny will win allison sucks she doesnt have that much talent and looks like shes forty kris is a very skilled performer and i support him to. adam is a two bit fag. he screams and squells like a pig. a no talent two bit hack.

  74. The only reason I watch American Idol is because of Adam. Too bad I can’t vote from Singapore.

  75. I was so shocked when i saw the results of the elimination. wow, i couldnt believe adam lambert is with the bottom 3. this is just disgusting, i wanted to cry….. why the american idol ca be that nasty with adam lambert when he is a great talent?

    It really sucked….. my heart was about to jump in desperation until it was announced that mjatt giraud was eliminated. but still, these people shouldnt play with the emotions of the fans. it was absolutely horrifying.

    i am sorry to see matt giraud eliminated. i could have wished it was danny gokey going out of the competition. he is not my favorite.

    go go go adam lambert. i will kep on praying that you will win in this contest. God loves you my Idol!!!! (Philippines)

  76. Gokey is kinda arrogant and his smile is full of mischief, he is not sincere unlike Adam. I dis agree that Adam screams when he sing lolz……… Her i8s a belter and rock artists usually screams loud, havent you heard axl rose and steven tyler scream when they sang rock songs? and that is adam’s style …………

    i watched american idol becuz of adam lambert, other contestants, i dont bother listening to their songs, they are too mediocre for me. Only Adam Lambert has shown how he is a great singer and a performer as well.

    Go go go my IDOL, Adam Lambert, you are Number ONE!!!!

  77. There’s no way to say if they did it for shock value or if it was the real results; but finally Adam was were he deserved to be. Maybe now the judges will be more honest in their opinions of his performances. I knew they wasted the save on Matt; that he would go within 2 weeks. If they’d used it on Scott, who really deserved it, he may still be there. His elimination was the fluke this year. Kris was the shocker for the bottom 3, it should have been Allison instead. I agree she gets more votes because she’s the only girl. They’ve done so much wrong in the way they put the show together this year; and not equalizing the sexes is one of those things. Although, does Adam count as a girl, technically? I hope this was a fluke for Kris and it will be he and Danny in the finale. Stay strong guys and keep up the good work.

  78. What’s wrong with being theatrical? Aren’t all the singers emote when they sing? Aren’t great singers great performers? All these embodied Adam which means TALENT and America should be thankful for having Adam showcasing his talent internationally. Fox producers are already making a hell of money out of Adam, but why to the extent of abuse and torture. Appreciate people and do the right thing. Clean your acts and inform America about the exploitation that you do, and Ryan, I lost my respect on you, what you did was harsh. I sure hope you regret it and you apologize to Adam.

  79. I agree with some who said Adam is talented but sounding the same each week. It was time for Matt to go. Good decision America! Love Allison too. I predict final 3 to be Danny, Allison & Adam.

  80. Next to go should be DANNY; Every week is the same old, same old croaky voice…. he’ll just be another Taylor Hicks..Who? Top 3: Adam, Kris, Allison. Don’t count Kris out, he’ll slip right past the others.

  81. LeoD, i hate to break it to you but Adam has been the most different every week. How was Tracks of My Tears any similar to Born to be Wild?
    Yeah he definitly shows something different every week.
    I think people assume hes safe so they dont vote which is stupid! I hope this was a wake-up call. Adam has been the best contestant on American Idol ever b/c he is so out of the american idol “norm” and he is so original and so ADAM!

  82. Adam is the best! I didn’t think he needed my vote but that will not happen next week. I got lazy this week and didn’t vote.

  83. I think that the results were ridiculous. Adam inthe bottom 2? It just goes to show that the teeny boppers voting have no clue as what real talent is. I think that Adam is phenomenal that only comes along once every blue moon. Why do I even vote?

  84. If Adam gets kicked off, I will never watch Idol again…It isn’t a popularity contest

  85. I am glad that Adam was in the bottom 2. Just goes to show everyone that he hasn’t won and there are still 3 weeks to go. I think this could go to any of them. They are all good! Maybe Adam being in the bottom 2 will bring him down a couple notches! Maybe next week he won’t scream so much! Really tired of the screaming!

  86. Remember you have to vote, don’t think your favorite or 2nd favorite doesn’t need your vote
    Remember what happened to “Doughtry”

    My favorite is Danny but Adam should not have been in the bottom 3, I think America thought he didn’t need their vote



  87. You know…I was shocked at Adam being in the bottom three as many were. Did you see Allison and Danny’s mouth drop? For a minute there I thought Ryan was playing a joke and I think they thought the same.But you know..America does vote and the sad thing is, it is not 1 vote per person. They can put 50 votes in for 1 person if they keep calling…so my point is that when America votes that one person who did vote 50 more times can easily put Adam in the bottom three.
    Every person on that stage has a certain favorite way of singing. Matt loved jazz and put that in a lot of his songs, Gokey loves to sing religious songs, and he puts his heart into every one he sings. Yeah he probably thinks of his wife everytime, but what do we care? He doesn’t start crying everytime. Give him a break. Allison is young and will sing her rocky type of music, chris is good and a lot of his songs sound the same, so what? Adam is theatrical and that is his way of singing. Every ARTIST will put out whatever type of music they choose and the people who follow them will buy their music. Who are we to judge them on their personal choices? There is no contract in the beginning that said you can’t be on American Idol if you sing this way or if you look this way.You know..I am tired of this whining about silly things. Be mature and vote for the person who you love and feel has the most potential to give us some music we can put in and say..yeah…I voted for this person and I made a great choice.There I feel better now. Good luck to Matt. And you know one more thing. I love Adam’s ability to belt out some great songs. He puts a lot of himself in those songs and has gotten great reviews all along as pretty well most of them have. I hope he wins…but when he gets a c.d. out…I may not go for his type of music, but I will feel confident that i helped bring out a new artist who will bring happiness to many others.

  88. Amen LisaLo! You said it all beautifully. I was amazed, as was everyone when Adam hit the bottom 3. But I think it was good for him to be there once, to see what it feels like. This competition is the most suspenseful I’ve ever seen on AI, and last night, altho I have my favorite, I almost didn’t watch. I’ll actually miss them all.

  89. OK, what’s wrong with you America?.. this is a “signing” competition and of course, with a lot of entertainment!!! so, If I’m going to spend $300.00 for a show, I would put my money on Adam!!!.. at least he will give me a show for my money and not bore me to death !!!

  90. I like all of the constesants, but if Adam and Allison do not show some real vocal, he may loose out. No one likes to here the same tempo every week. Danny knows that and has stepped up to the plate.

  91. OMG I am so mad that Matt was sent home. How in the world is Kris slipping through the cracks. I couldn’t believe that he had more votes than Adam. And Danny geez this is turning out tp be the worst season to date.I don’t think I will even bother to vote anymore, obviously American can’t hear talent when they hear it. Matt was the only one that tried to do as the judges asked and I think that is why he us gone. He should have just sung what he liked. If Danny wins this I do not think I will ever watch again. He is BORING, sounds the same EVERY week and I can’t to even look at his smug face and squinty eyes. HE NEEDS TO GOOOOO! Adam has been my number one pick all along but I really wanted Matt to come in 2nd. What a sad day! Good luck Matt I am sure you will be a success without AI.

  92. I love Danny and the strength he has in his vocals. When he sings everyone listens as they do Adam also. Yeah he can’t dance much, but you know what…I remember going out dancing with friends and they asked me how to dance and I said…I can’t really teach you…you have to just get out there and move to the music any way you feel like it. Who cares if you look silly…as long as you are having a good time..that’s all that matters.Another thing comes to mind also. Remember the Edgar Winter Band? Man that guy was ugly, but hey…he put out some good music and people loved him. The list goes on and on. My mother always said whats on the outside doesn’t matter…it’s whats inside that counts. If you love yourself…others will love you. Not everyone will, but thats okay. Put your soul into your music and love what you do is my advice to all the contestants.Some won’t buy your c.d but thats okay. I was watching videos of David Cook and you know…I have his c.d. and he is great. I voted for him last season and was so happy I loved his music. It makes me so proud that he is loving what he is doing ( it shows in his videos ) and how he approaches people. A round about good person who loves not just what he’s doing, but just thrilled that he is making many people happy.His dream came true and hopefully his dream will just keep on going for a long time. American Idol is such a great show and I salute Simon for starting the show up. He dishes out a lot of money for these people and their dreams!And the majority still get their dream even if they don’t win the title of the winner of American Idol.Awesome.
    Well I am done for the day. Other things to do and places to go.Good luck to the remaining 4! Till next week. Adios uh…me go!!!

  93. I agree that this year has the best talent so far and believe me, I have watched every season. As long as Danny or Adam win this year my faith will be restored!

  94. Where in the world were all the Adam voters? Did you think he did not need your votes? Wrong? As you can see he does.

  95. David, you are right. We just get lax and think that everybody else will be voting anyway. I certainly won’t let that happen again and I hope the rest of the Adam and Danny fans will do the same.

  96. i decided to vote for allison many times and i am an Adam fan but decided he didn,t need my votes. we did save allison but almost lost adam. i will vote different next week.

  97. I couldn’t believe it when Adam was in the bottom two. Like Burnie, I thought that Adam would get a ton of votes so I didn’t vote last night. That will never happen again. They all have talent but Adam has TALENT! Vote America!

  98. I thought Americans economny going down,I wonder why many people spent thier money for this show so much.Imagine vote 1,000 times?Wake up people,U just make people behind this show much they earned in every text vote alone you sent?look what they did to ADAM.that’s not right.We all know that his performancelast night was sooo fantastic and great,amazing when he reach the high note.look …is there any bad comments from the judges?? none…so think and analized people voted thousand times..that’ your money anyway..I amazed and wonder of your idolatry..

  99. Adam by far is the most talented. I could not believe he was in the bottom 2. I could not even get my vote in on either line because it was repeatedly busy. It does not make sense, it was an insult at the least to see him with less votes than others. Very disappointed!!

  100. I see all sorts of comments about Adam being in the bottom 3. Come on now folks, Kris was there too…and he shouldn’t have been there either. WHO has consistently picked the perfect song and consistently “made it his own.” WHO has been right on when it came to his vocals? WHO did Jamie Fox say he wanted to make a record with? WHO took the time to unselfishly help the final 12 contestants with their song arrangements? WHO looks, acts, and sings like the kind of person we would want as the 2009 American Idol? KRIS that’s WHO!!!!!

  101. Cmon guys!! please vote 4 adam!! hez not safe yet!! 2 bad i live in asia so i cant vote… T.T

    but really… if adam gets kicked out… i WONT WATCH D REST OF D SHOW!!! IT’LL B SOOOOO BORING WITHOUT HIM!!!!

    go adam!!! we asians support u 2!! XDD

  102. Adams choice of song is what landed him in the bottom 2. Adam is definately the best ad by all rights should win. By te way, Taylor Hicks was great. Loved his music and I am buying the CD today

  103. yeah..guyz its onlY a trick.

    itz rili impocble to let adam in the bottom 2

    i think he’z d one who get the highest vote.

    dey only do it in reverse,.so dat d’ pipol,.

    wil kept on votin.

    also 4 dem 2 earn lotz of money!!


  104. Go Kris!!! I know that nexr week is Rock Week and Adam will really shine, but Kris needs to really step it up and be a strong contender. I think that Danny will go home next week, but the fact that his huge teen fan base is voting hundreds of times each is worrying. Allison still annoys me with her over-the-top screaming performances (although this week she was quite good!) but I want Kris to win it! He’s got the multi-faceted talent (musician and composer also) that Adam lacks. Both of them will be stars, probably Allison also.

  105. Look people, 90% of Adams songs are him singing and the rest, for lack of a better word, screaming so I don’t think that is or has ever been a valid disagreement. If he’s not your kind of singer, fine but don’t say all he does is “scream”!
    Next week will be fun…lol!

  106. After last night I think the whole show is rigged. I am just sick that Matt was sent home, he should have been in the top 3 anyway. I am not sure what people see in Danny, his song was terrible (except the last few lyrics) that was good. Kris, GEEZ what a bore! I just don’t see it, I was sure he was out of there then Adam and Matt were the bottom 2 come on. In my opinion they are the 2 most talented of the group. I suppose I will vote for Adam now that Matt is gone but I really wanted to see Matt in the final 3. Adam has been my pick from audition week but he really needs to stop screaming during the slow songs, it is okay when he is singing rock songs but I thought he was horrible Tuesday and that ugly white suit. Maybe that is why he was in the bottom 2. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes and goes back on top next week. Maybe he realizes now that he may not win if he doesn’t pick the right songs.
    Still sad about Matt, I hope he makes it big and shows everyone how they screwed up!

  107. i WAS HOPING FOR aDAM AN mATT in the final showdown but i was mistaken.

    i dont like danny gokey’s arrogant stance…. i just love adam’s humility and even though he is so popular, still he remained level headed and very cool looking.

    i wish adam lambert will be the big winner. he is my american idol …. (philippines)

  108. Any one else a little creeped out by the cake fight scene between old man gokey and 16-year-old Allison. He sure was doing a lot of hugging and groping on Allison to be such a grieving widower. I saw quite a few other comments about this on (I think it was), and saw I wasn’t the only one who noticed this and felt creeped out by it. (Watch the video) I see this as one more thing I’ve seen and read about him that makes me a lot of other people not like and trust this guy’s motives and sincerity. He seems very arrogant to me. From some of the above comments, I’m not the only one who feels this way about this guy.

  109. Adam looked so immaculate in his white suit. in fact i was feeling happy to see him in that suit, looking like a big star that he is heading to.
    i couldnt find any fault in his singing of that song ‘ feeling good’, its not a popular song yes adam gave justice to it. he made the song sound good…..adam doesnt scream, he is a belter…… thats his trademark and he is not the stereo type performer or a run of the mill type. this is one distinct characteristic of adam that made me admire him so much.


  111. I was shocked that adam was in the bottom three last nite! and Matt he really should have left a long time ago, nice guy but i see him as another Taylor Hicks, forgetable. Lets pick another Carrie Underwood folks. Come on, Maybe just maybe Allison could be the next Pat Benatar!! Or Adam as in Adam Ant…he fits that par huh?

  112. What a joke. There is no way that Adam could’ve really been in the bottom two. I voted for him about 10 times, but you can be sure that I’ll vote for him 10 x 10 this week.

  113. All I can say is, I am shocked that Adam ended up in the bottom three. Come on America, whats wrong with this picture? We all know that he is way ahead in the talent compared to the other four. Please America, don’t rob this guy of being the next AI. You know he has it all. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE lets put him back where he belongs.

    How could this have happen? He’s far and above the other four. Lets keep Adam in the finals.

    If he gets eliminated or doesn’t win, I am never looking at AI again. Something is definately wrong.

    America, please restore my faith in the American people, vote for Adam.





    AMERICA! ADAM!!!!!

  115. That goes to show you that this show is being manipulated just like all the other reality shows. Anyone and everyone, whether they like him or not, can see that Adam has the most talent. Tons of people are voting for him and he was in the bottom 3. Hmmm – sounds like American Idol needs a ratings boost. Adam is by far the best contestant the show has ever had. Get real American Idol!

  116. I live in the UK and have never watched AI before seeing Adam Lambert. Adam’s versatility in singing is amazing and I have been hooked every week just to see what Adam will do next! How he could possibly end bottom 2 is beyond me! You only have to listen to remarks about him from all the Mentors during this season. Come on ….. something has gone wrong with AI. They seem to have forgotten who the draw to the show is at the moment.

  117. AJ you are weird. How can you say that Scott should have been saved. My GOD, he should have been one of the 1st ones to go! The best that he can do is be a choir boy. Why Alexes Grace was one of the 1st to go is beyond me! I felt that she should have been in the top 3 along with Adam & Allison. If anyone should have been saved, it should have been her (Alexes Grace) or saved for Adam.
    burnie, I did the same as you – I put more votes in for Allison knowing that she has been on the bottom 3 several times which is rediculous, as I felt that she only had one poor performance which I felt was better then most of the guys. I guess she is not a cute hot boy enough to get a lot of support & votes. First off, I don’t understand why Danny has never once been in the bottom 3! He has had several BAD performances. I guess it was the teeny boppers who have all the time in the world to vote and hit the redial bottom a million times over. Same thing with Kris, as I think that he only had 2 or 3 good performances. And I could not stand it when he had the girls (young screaming teeny boppers) surround him during his worst 2 or 3 performances. It was nauseating & pathetic, not to mention, it proved what an A$$ he is. Just about every week I put in votes for both Allison & Adam as I feel that they are the only ones deserving of the title. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for ADAM & ALLISON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. its a setup. Adam been put in the bottom to create more excitement and support more for the IDOL show


  120. Adam is AMAZING. He beats everyone else, hands down. I hope He, Allison and Kris are the final 3. Danny is monotonous.

    BTW I am reading everywhere there were issues with the phones (lots of busy signals) on Tuesday night. If you can afford it, do texting. Never a busy signal and its very easy. I vote 20 – 30 times a week for Adam.

    Adam may have been a casualty of people thinking he was safe because he’s so popular. Remember when the same thing happened to Sabrina Bryan on Dancing With the Stars and she went home prematurely? NO ONE IS SAFE. Vote for your favorite every week.

    Adam will win.

  121. I think they play stupid games on Idol, and eventhough Adam is not my favorite I felt awful that he was put in such an awkward position that he had to choose a group I mean really!! We know it is a competition but these guys are friends and he could not have felt good doing what he did, especially when he might have said more than he wanted to or said it wrong- remember he asked Ryan “according to last nights performances?“ maybe he was thinking more according to what the judges had said? I don`t know but it was cruel and embarassing playing a stupid game like that and I think it may cause bad blood where there are mostly real and good feelings. What do you guys think?

  122. I also think it was wrong to put Adam in the position of choosing between sides. But I also think it was all a gimmick to put Adam in the bottom 3. Everyone knows he is one of the best. I do wish he would quit the screaming. I think this is the type of music he enjoys and will continue on doing after Idol. That is why I vote for Danny. He is someone I would like to see in concert without worrying every song is going to have some point where there is a scream. Adam is GREAT if you want to listen to the screams in every other song.

  123. I read all your comments, and I think freedom of opinion and freedom of speech is such a blessing. Some people, including me, really get into this show, don’t we!!
    Now that Matt is gone, i will switch my vote to Allison, she is so good now, imagine what her CD will be like after touring! She just turned 17, WOW!

  124. AI is very famous here, sorry if i can’t vote for my IDOL…
    I go for DANNY! He sings with heart and soul. For Adam, he became popular only because of his “DRAMA” and for this i believe he can be a good actor not a singer. Cris is cute and with a great voice. And for Allison, for his age her performance is amazing. TOP 3 for me are Danny GO!!!, Cris and Adam.

  125. I thought the results were right on. I have been an Adam fan from the first. I thought it was funny that he was in the bottom 3. I am getting borded with Adam. I am leaning towards Kris now. I would really like to see Allison walk awsy with the whole thing. The top 3 will be Kris, Allsion, and Adam. daay will be the next to go.

  126. Adam is sooo very different each week – rock, ballads, etc – and he ALEAYS hits the correct notes. It is very hard not to compare him to the others – that is what a competition is! Allison hits the right notes, she needs a little work on diction, but she really is good. Danny usually hits the notes OK, but his voice is so so and he is boring as hell. I am sure he looked at what it is that Adam does that makes the fans and judges go wild and this week he put a little more emotion into his song – it was a pretty good attempt, but NO ONE sings with emotion like Adam. Kris has a monkey mouth – he sings out of the side – but I like him better than Danny, and Allison. Adam will always be #1 – I cannot figure out the vote this week and AI played with that on stage – they couldn’t believe it either.. Matt always was pitchy and he really does not sing well – he should have gone a long time ago. I live with professional musicians and they all agree. Adam should win, and no matter what, this exposure will be the best for him! When I read these comments about Adam not being a good singer, I cringe – the people who say that couldn’t have heard “Mad World” and his beautiful voice, perfect pitch and emotion – in every song. They just don’t know music – the judges agree with my take on this and so do the musicians and professional who counsel the Idols. Adam is the best on AI since it started.

  127. This whole year is a JOKE!!!! Adam is to good to be in this compition anyway….I don’t care for him but each to his own……he’s to into himself…and they were just screwing around with everyone last night because there is no way Adam was in the bottom 3…and I don’t even vote for him……..I don’t know what thier doing except screwing with everyone’s head

  128. Well, the final result was as I expected..Matt should have been gone long ago..But the thing that amazes me is how in the world Adam could possibly have been in the bottom 2 or 3..Something is badly wrong with this program..I have watched it from the beginning and pretty well picked the winners, except for a few curves they threw,when some won that should not have won..

    However, the whole world knows that Adam Lambert is by far the very best all around entertainer that has ever been on American Idol in all the years I have watched it..I had no doubt that he would go straight on through to win..That is the reason I know there is something wrong..I’m not sure what they are doing but of course, they can do anything and want to and say anybody is in the bottom three..

    Also they can choose who they want to win, regardless of “America Votes”..Therefore if they keep screwing around with our heads, I will never watch the show again..and I know lots of others that feel the same way…American Idol is right now the number one show..I don’t think they realize they can rapidly lose that status..

  129. Way to go america, Kris is the real american boy! He is what talent looks like! Just an average good ole boy!!

  130. I think that Danny’s fans have some edge with voting- they say they voted 200 times! and others said 60 times. I could not get through to vote for Adam more than 4 or 5 times – busy, busy….. it seems that this is what happened last year with the two Davids, and there was chit chat that some one was able to block the lines for David A. Is this possible? If so, that could explain this outcome for Adam to be in the bottom 2. Allison was in the bottom 3 how many times? and now top two? I like her, but not like Adam…. and for her to get more votes than Adam does not make sense, she sings well, but diction and tone are not great. These raspy voices are killing me – Allison is a rocker girl, so it is OK for certain songs, but Danny is a little raspy too – and it is not OK on him, he doesn’t wear it well, and he looks more like an accountant than a star. Adam has it all, fresh, young looks, energy, charisma and the most incredible, emotive voice with perfect pitch – ALWAYS. I am 57 – would I ever think I would be commenting on a 27 year old’s singing? Not at all – but he is too good, he is not screaming – people need to recognize these incredible notes he is able to perform for what they are – amazing and controlled and full of emotion. I think he is musical genius- he got my musician husband to wait every week for IDOL and to talk about him all the time. We can’t wait to see him each week, and we watch him repeatedly on You Tube.
    Thanks for the agreement PHYLLIS G!

  131. Japanka and Brad – you are soo right. I thought the cake fight and the touching was awful, and I agree about Danny’s arrogance – I don’t even like his smile – sly, sly and smug…..ehhh

  132. I agree, it was a set up to put Adam in the bottom 2, just to create more buzz and support for the IDIOT show! Whatevers!!!

  133. Well, the good news is that Adam will win AMERICAN IDOL. Enough said, people will do the VOTING LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW. (Sorry, Paula, have to use your song for this!)

  134. What they did to Adam was very nasty, to make him pick the two he thought were better and make him stand with them and just push him over other to the side was horrible to watch, I really think he deserves an appology. To everyone that says Adam screams its a real talent to be able to get that high, if you listen to the other contestants they all have their high notes they just get as high as Adam does, I’m sure they would if they could. My children are signers and they would die to be able to do that. Just listen to some of the famous celebrity singers no one says they just scream alot.

  135. If Danny wins, he will just release one record. His voters will not support him all the way, like what happened to Taylor Hicks.

    If Kris wins, same thing. He is so conventional. I have to admit he is the nicest guy (even nicer than Adam). But being that is not a guarantee. He will only sell like 2 million records and end of his career. He has a Katherine Mc Phee card!

    If Allison wins, it is unpredictable. I am not a fan, but I like her as a person. Cute and pleasing. But those qualities are not enough.

    NOW, WHAT IF ADAM DOES NOT WIN. He will still sell more records than his three other competitors/friends because he is MARKETABLE, CHARMING, and CONFIDENT. I will count is a a big blessing if he still ends in BROADWAY. At least, he is still a STAR. I will buy his records forever. His fans are overwhelming that they will do anything to keep the FLAMEBERT burning!

  136. AI is really bussiness.this show depends upon your contribution.the results only rely through votes not by the ability and capability of the contestants.And there’s a hucos fucos also in sending votes.wake up guys!!! this is ready made show!!

  137. world knows that ADAM has all the potentials of winning…just see what happen next..Oh! yes HE DESERVES AN APOLOGY.WHAT RYAN DID WAS REALLY EMBARRASINGGGG.

  138. Adam is so far ahead in this Idol I couldn’t believe what went on tuesday
    He’ll be a winner no matter the end result and can’t wait till he has a CD out, Love the voice, his style and the whole package he’s wrapped up in. Every day I wake up I’m hoping it’s tuesday!

  139. Adam, You are in a league of your own with or without peoples votes!!! Can’t wait to buy your first album. You are the best American Idiol ever had!!



  142. I agree, although the show won’t be aired until Friday in the UK. If Ryan did what he did, he should apologise to Adam. He should be ashamed of himself. Will be watching tonight. I picked Adam to win from the very beginning and still think he is amazing. He doesn’t scream; he just has the great ability to reach very high notes. Adam will be the next American Idol – pity we cannot vote from the UK.

  143. me too!! too bad i can’t vote from asia!!!

    GO ADAM!!!!

    hopefully america will make d right choice!!


  144. I wonder if American Idol had it fixed where the lines were busy for Adam too. How in the world, with all the people voting for him, did he come in the bottom 3. Fixed, fixed, fixed!!! American Idol should be SO ASHAMED! And Ryan, Man, should be so ashamed to put Adam in the position he did. He better apologize for that. That was wrong. It’s clear to me now that American Idol had there winner chosen from the beginning. Sad. It was my first year watching the show and will be my last.

  145. Everyone needs a reality check! Don’t you know this show is a SET UP! Regardless of what the votes show (and we never see it) the producers already have their winner picked which is ADAM. The PRODUCERS or should I say NIGEL WILL NOT have it any other way! SO sad that they can’t be fair about it! End of story!

  146. If this was a singing contest I give Danny, Kris and Alison a 10. But since its becoming a POPULARITY CONTEST then I give it to ADAM. With that said, you don’t need to be a good singer anymore, but just a GREAT PERFORMER because thats all ADAM really is. He doesn’t have a good recording voice like 90% of the other contestants do. Maybe he should be a hairdresser instead that performs for his clients.

  147. Ryan should owe Adam an apology for treating him so cruelly. Why should American Idol subject Adam to that kind of treatment. Shame on Ryan!!! If there is any arrogant person in American Idol, it is Ryan Seacrest!!! Hate him but love Adam soooo much……..

  148. I hate Ryan for doing that to Adam. Ryan has no manners at all. So crazy for putting Adam in that situation. Let Adam be the next American Idol. Let us vote for Adam lambert.

  149. I am from the Philippines but I love Adam sooo much. I would like him to be the next American Idol. Love to buy his records.

  150. Here’s what i thought on the top 5 idols performances and i’m going to start first with the 2 idols whom deserved to be saved from the results and move on to top4.

    Danny: Though i got to say that this performance was not the best performance like Danny’s other brilliant performances, i got to say this that it is still the solid performance from Danny. But with the lots of screaming + + with the big band towards the end of the song, i have to admint that it’s annoying and i can’t wait for this song to end/finish! I recorded the video performance onto my phone and while listening back carrefully, it sounded too too loud that i had to delete it.

    Though this performance was not my cup of tea, but i still have 6 Danny Gokey video live performances recorded onto my phone and those performances like “Hero, Stand By Me, September(My fave of all) and Endless Love” are the the best amazing marvellous performances from Danny Gokey. He has a lot of passion and gift that he can sing this difficult song and with the screaming and shouting, it totally blew me away instanty and he can sing very very excellent well.

    He’s got the sexiest voice ever and no matter what song will he can in upcoming weeks, i think he can pull ithat well and sing better and better any other idiol expectation. Paula Abdul and fall in love with his voice and you guys do the same also. Very happy and proud of him that he’s in top 4 and hope that you guys will vote for him as many times and lots of it. Hop that he may able to come to singapore next year and promote his upcoming debut album which i can’t wait to listen and buy!

    Allison: Oh wow wow wow! Very very very amazed and very very speechless at the performance especially at how Allison sang her way of style and it’s so so classic and so so unique. Though she sang for her family as she’s too young to have a boyfriend and for love, but i think some guys already has fallen in love wiht her and with the song cause there’s no absolutely way that no one can’t feel the song and feel nothing but got to feel it at least something.

    She sang it so so soulful, so smooth and absolutely beautiful that i may have fallen in love with her beautiful voice + the song + her stage personality. Gosh, how does she sang songs like this top 5 performance and also “Hot Stuff” and sang it so so beautiful and simply amazing. Allison is trully a genius talented smart fabalous marvellous singer whom i trully enjoyed every of her live performances that almost some of them, i recorded on my phone.

    can’t wait/looking forward for what she’s going to perform next week top 4, top 3 and maybe the finals and that will happen hopefully if you guys vote her as many and as much as possible and lots of it for another 3 more weeks left and listen carefully to the biggest fan of Allison, it’s very wasted if she did not make into the finals and we should appeciate all her precious and aspiring dreams.

    So sad of her that she got to be the unfortunely victim of Danny Gokey at the Kitchen and she was so so messy and the cake was all over her. But i think, she was having a lot of fun and enjoyed it so much and of course, “Happy Birthday To The Most Beautiful, Intelligent Allison” Hope that you can come to Singapore next year for the promotinal of your upcoming album which i can’t wait to but and the album to release.

    Throughout these 2 idols, they should be in the finals.

  151. My final three:
    Winner – Adam – absolutely no doubt! He has been above the rest from the beginning.
    Second – Danny or Alison.

  152. I’m not a kid anymore but I’d like to believe that even young people understand the way of the world. It’s all about the almighty dollar. The Producers play mind games with the viewers. They pay millions of dollars weekly to determine the probability of who will get the votes based on age of voter from each state and use other stats to predict the idol that will be marketable..again it’s all about money. Adam is so far above the talent of the others that if I were him I’d tell AI where to go and take advantage of the offers he has already received. He doesn’t need AI anymore and honestly I don’t either. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching American Teen Idol cause most of the people blogging and standing in audience look about 16-18 even 20?. That is the market AI wants. At least now they all have the exposure they will ever need. Being the winner is not so good. Look at Ruben, Jordan, etc. Great singers but somehow haven’t made it that big like Carrie and Kelly. Carrie very beautiful, Kelly adorable, personality both received multimillions in investments by 19 intertainment and believe it or not money does help these kids become famous. Simon liked Chris D and talked 19 Intertainment in spending millions to promote him and he did well the first 2 years. I personally don’t like Chris never have maybe because he showed arrogance on the show a few times, but many really like him. So whomever the producers and 19 entertainment think will make most $$$ will be in top two spots. Let’s face it Adam is not their top choice and we know why. They are worried about his orientation, stupid I know but gay bashing is alive and well in America. I know that Adam will do fine without these money grubbing greedy capitalists.

  153. There is absolutely NO WAY that Adam should EVER have been in the bottom ANYTHING!He is far and away the most talented and original artist AI has EVER had and I have a hunch that it was all a ratings ploy by the shows producers.But just to make sure that ADAM LAMBERT is our next Idol….VOTE America, everybody vote for Adam. He RULES! I already have checked the AI tour dates and plan to see it in San Diego this July.Just because of Adam! The rest of the contestants are good singers, but Adam is a true artist.BTW, I am 57yr old F, and hubby is a ret.Professional rocker/musician/vocalist and we both have the same opinion of Adam!

  154. Queenrosered:
    Thank you for your comments. WE are near same age and you and your hubby may feel same way that all this hype doesn’t matter in the end. Whether AL is the AI or not he will go far much farther than the rest. Unless 19 E spends billions to promote them.

  155. After reading #168 comment I agree about Ryan. I liked him in the past but after results show I was so angry how he dragged Adam across the stage from one group to the other. He was downright rude, disrespectful and should be ashamed. If he doesn’t apolizie to everyone publicly then he should be removed from show. Or maybe some people didn’t even notice during all the confusion he created. Did you see Adam’s expressions? He was humiliated I am sure. Even Danny and Allison were shocked not just that he was not with their group but what Ryan did to Adam. And then making a big deal about saying Kris you are safe. Why not just tell Matt you are going home. No they had to add all that fake drama. I am still angry about it and won’t forget what happened.

  156. I wouldn’t be so hard on Ryan, he posed a question, Adam (whom I love) could have chosen not to answer but after saying that I wouldn’t read to much into what Adam said either.

  157. Hey SHARON! Thanks for the reply…yes, we “mature” folks know what REAL talent is, especially when it comes to music. There hasn’t been a true “Rock God” since the 80’s, at least! We are all OVERDUE for someone like Adam to break out and bust some real vocals on the world. And I am soooo sick and tired of the folks who, apparently, are so stupid, stoned or lazy that they complain about “screaming” or “screeching” when what Adam does is a vocal “belt”, used only by the most trained and talented vocalists in the world.He is D.Bowie, F.Mercury, R.Plant, A.Rose,Ted Neeley and Elvis all rolled into one sweet package!They need to get a clue!Adam trancends age, gender, race,sexual preference, genres, etc…it’s…it’s like…. ADAM ROCKS! XD LOL! VOTE AMERICA!

  158. BTW, I agree that the most talented doesn’t always win, for sure, but the most talented DOES, like cream, rise to the top eventually. So, no matter what Adam Lambert, you do your thing boy, make sure to get a great(and HONEST!) agent/producer who will let you be YOU(give yourself creative control in the contract)…and the rest will be the stuff of legends.Keep up the great performances…week after week, the best!XD

  159. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Danny…i cant vote for him cause im not in america….
    S0o0o0 please vote for him

  160. I agree with #24 post and many here who cannot believe (including myself!) that Adam was ever in ANY bottom 3 or 2 on AI! Yes, the singers left all have talent, granted, but really. Really? Adam in the bottom? REALLY?
    OPEN YOUR EARS America! And VOTE! I believe that it’s either a ratings strategy by AI, OR too many Adam fans felt “safe” and didn’t call in, thinking the rest of us could do it for them. Either way,if we want Adam to win (as he SHOULD!) CALL! Vote and Vote till your fingers bleed! Thanks…whew! XD

  161. Here’s what i got to say on Kris and Adam on top 5 performances

    What i like about him is that he’s so so genius, so so intelligent and very smart. His creativity is so so special,amazing and so unique that we’ll get to see and be learn on how does he do it in every kris performances especially the “She Works Hard For The Money” performance. I don’t how how intelligent he is to come out and sang that song so unique and so amazing.

    He’s one of the performer that every singe week, improve so so well, keeps getting better and better and woved everbody with his sweet, smooth amazing voice like this top 5 performances. I don’t ever think that nobody can ever be sick, tired, annoy of his singing and performance but wants more and more of it. He can sing and will absolutely sing well and better in his upcoming performances and can’t wait/looking forward for that. The last 3 performances of Kris are so brilliant.

    Whatever simon commented on him on that he’s too wet and Paula on him buying the ladies underwear, i don’t get it either. “The Way You Look Tonight” performance is the best performance ever and he has showed thay he as transform from a boy to a real Handsome Gentleman and hope that next week performance, he’ll be dry enough!

    What about Adam?

    Well, what can i say about Adam and that he’s Brilliant, Super Fanatastic, Excellent, Amazing, Marvellous and every time he finished his performances, i will get goose bumps, speechless, totally lost my breath away and always be wowed. No doubt that this is one hell of the perfomer who is very very good and very super imtelligent on performing on stage and no doubt that i think Adam will win this whole thing. Who knows, since Kris is so good, amazing, very smart/genuis and very creative, he may be landing on the finals and people, don’t be shock by it.

  162. Is all that I can say is WOW!!!!!!! Adam & Allison ROCK!!!!!!!! I hope that American pushed the redial button for these 2. I guess we will find out when we watch the results tonight. I can’t wait!

  163. Ah, just I had thought. It’s Adam’s (and Allison’s) zone! Loooove it! Hope that Allison would eventually be the one accompanying all-the-way idol! They both rock!!!

  164. Wow! Wow! Wow! This is so unbelieveable N i can’t really really believed that Matt’s already gone from the competiton. I’m so so sad, unhappy N very totally dissapointed that Matt, my fave fave idol of all in season 8 has gone from the competiton. It’s a bit shocking 2 find out in the beginning but now, i can take it and moved on 2 the final 3. 2 weeks ago, i told myself that if he survived the top 7 double elimination, then it’s trully a miricle but sadly, he cound not survived in top 5.

    I think the only reason why he was eliminated was as i knew that most people don’t like him alot N him stay in the competiton that very long. (Boo Hoo to that people, suckers!) His expectation of winning the idol N trying very very hard to be in top 4, 3 and even the finals are that the high enough. But i’m so so proud of him to be survived in top 5 N also survived lots of elimination rounds especially the 4 double eliminations that him, not that strong N powerful singer can last that long.

    I was totally wowed by it. All the top 5 performances were all simply amazing, marvellous N brilliant 2 be honest and all of them can proved 2 the judges and people that they can sing the type of songs that are difficult especially singing live with the big band symphony orchestra N they sang it so fabalous, brilliant N marvellous that i think those songs the sang are so easy to sing + there were no bad, suck performances ever.

    Though Matt is not a strong, powerful, singer like Adam, but he is so talented that his passion N his stage personality are so amazing and i do get wowed by it. I totally enjoyed everything of his amazing performances of idol and i think, i should learn from him singing to his dancing to him playing extreamly well on the piano a Matt dances so well and also sings well just like Justin Timberlake. Though he didn’t finished idol, i think he has shown a bit of his passion N also stage personality.
    Very very sad that he’s gone from the competition! His amazing funny humour to his interpitation and the latest one on “Cooking With The Idol”, i will always be remembered and i’m so lucky that i recorded all thatI don’t know if you people still hate and despise him but i think, you people should stop right now cause i think it’s very enough that you people sent bad comments to Matt though he’s not that wrong person!

    If he ain’t not that good, i don’t think that his 2 independent album will sold like hot cakes on amazon cause he’s trully super amazing and marvellious. Last note, very pleased on the last advices from Paula and Kara to Matt and absolutely great for them to say the last words and i believed what Paula said it’s true that 14 millions fans will be waiting for Matt to come out and change the world and i’ll be one of that 14 million fans.

    Thanks once again for everybody that voted, cheered, support Matt G throughout the competition. At least, it’s not wasted on the safe that the judges saved Matt on the competition. Stay tune for the final showdown between Kris, Danny and Adam as the battle as just begin. May the best man win the competition and Matt, you’ll always be my fave idol in season and i can’t wait for you to release your new album and hear it + support you more.

  165. Wow, I must say you wrote quite a book on Matt G. and I couldn’t finish reading it, because I became bored with your writing just as everyone else including myself was bored with Matt’s singing. The judges shouldn’t have wasted the save on Matt, they should have saved the “save” for Allison or Adam. The save really should have been used this week on Allison and then perhaps Danny & Kris would have been the next ones to go. Oh well, such as life as AI is only a popularity contest. If Danny or Kris wins, I doubt they will even be good enough to have a one hit wonder. They will fade away just as Leif Garrett did, who by the way only had the good looks going for him when he was a young heart throb with NO talent. Have you looked at him today? I real beauty, eh. He’s probably 40 something and looks to be about 60, and is only known for today as having a problem with heroin addiction. Sad……

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