American Idol 2010: Bring Back David Cook

Can we bring David Cook back and let him win Idol all over again?  Instead of the usual karaoke singing of the American Idol 2010 12 finalists, we got a rock session with Season 7 winner David Cook.  He sang “Jumpin Jack Flash” and did what I was waiting on one of the contestants to do Tuesday night and that was rock out.  This is the capabilities of what a true American Idol looks like.  How I miss the days when we had talent on this show.

After a fine performance by Cook we find out Paige Miles and Tim Urban are in the bottom 3.  No surprises at all with these two.  I’m not expecting Tim to go as the worsters have come out in full force for this young man. 

After this, guest performer Orianthi blazes onto the stage with her new hit single “According to You”.  What is going on here?  I think AI is trying to put as much rock into the results show as they can because they know we’re not getting any from the contestants.  I love this chick.  She was Michael Jackson’s guitarist and Carlos Santana had this to say about her, “If I was going to pass the baton to somebody, she would be my first choice.”  I’d say she has a bright future ahead of her.

Back to the results.  It comes down to Casey and Lacey for the final spot in the bottom 3 and I’m holding my breath wondering what I’m going to do if Casey is eliminated.  I mean you all know he is the main reason I’m watching this season and with how crazy these results shows have been I didn’t know what to expect.  All is well when Ryan tells Casey to have a seat.  Thank God!  I can breathe again.  Ryan then tells us Tim is safe.  WTH?  Damn those worsters!

Our third guest performer is Ke$ha with her song “blah blah blah”.  There is something seriously wrong with society who can love a song with that title.  I mean what is the world coming too?  This Lady Ga Ga wanna be in an indian headdress has about as much talent as Tim.  Hey can we bring her on Idol as well? 

Elimination time and it all comes down to Paige and Lacey.  Since I haven’t been right in any of my predictions yet, I figured I was due so it wasn’t a surprise to me when Ryan sent Lacey home.  My friends in the chat room seemed to want Paige but come on guys, Paige actually sang pretty decent for a change.  So you didn’t get my usual ranting and raving results recap this week because for once I felt the decision justified.  Thank you America, we got it right this time.

How did you feel about Lacey getting the boot?