American Idol 2010 Top 12 Elimination Results

The Top 12 have sung, you’ve placed your call-in votes, and now all that’s left is to reveal the results. We’re about to find out who will be eliminated tonight on American Idol 2010 and who will move on to the season’s Top 11.

Based on your votes in our Top 12 performance poll I’m seeing three trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination: Tim Urban, Paige Miles, and Lacey Brown. This is a tough one to pick. Tim has the backing of VFTW, Paige finally had a decent performance, and Lacey has survived terrible performance after terrible performance for weeks now. The wait is over, let’s hear the results!

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait to see the big reveal.

Update: Ryan announces the Judges Save has returned and if all 4 judges agree they can save someone from elimination all the way down to the season’s Top 5.

American Idol 2010 Top 12 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Paige Miles
  • #2 – Tim Urban Seacrest says Tim is safe
  • #3 – Lacey Brown

American Idol 2010 Top 12 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated – Lacey Brown

Lacey Brown has been eliminated and the Judges’ Save was not used. Brown is leaving the show and we now have our Top 11 for the season.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.




  1. If American Idol has any more lame guest performers I will discontinue watching. It was painful to sit through tonight/

  2. Who’s the skanky, trashy bimbo singing the blah blah song? American Idol has sunk to a new low.

  3. Oh no! Not again, what is it that America hears that I dont….Tim is a good looking kid, but is he really what their looking for in this competition. If it is, I really worry for the Crystals and Mikes who deserve to win this competition

  4. America got it right! Lacey is woeful! Lacey cannot hold a tune, has been off key week after week after week .. how she made it this far was beyond me!

  5. I think was not right Tim was suppose to go home not Lacy, he really was bad , he was pitch all over he didn´t sing well at all, Lacey was good . I think all of this have a lot to do with peoples votes , the fans . Then people vote , vote for your idol for to be safe.

  6. What is wrong with the people who makes these decisions. Tim and Paige needed to go before Lacy. Man lets talk about wasting peoples’ time. Lacy is already a star and will out perform most of the males. Adam also has a future on stage, guess he will be the next to go.

  7. Lacey should be sent home long time ago..with this voice… LACEY should not even be in top 12..But LILY ….i am happy LACEY is sent home now

  8. Sorry typed wrong. She was NOT my favorite. She has so hottible style and the most awful eyes.
    Happy she was off stage now

  9. i think not.lacey did show a great performance .. tim should’ve been the one to leave tonight.. unfortunately he appeals more to the voters..

  10. Lacey was wonderful! She was only one of three that I looked forward to hearing every week. She has a lovely sound and look. She is also very poised for her young age. I feel very sad to see her go. So many others should have left instead of her.

  11. Lacy was a great performer but it is getting down to the wire. I believe next week Paige or Anthony Garcia will be in the bottom 3 unless their performances are outstanding. Lacy will go on to be a recording artist.

  12. I am sorry to see Lacy go before Katie. Katie is adorable BUT really has a lot of maturing to do. I think she will be great in a few years, but not now. I think Lacy shuld have hung on for a few more episodes.
    Michael and Lee are my fav’s.

  13. I was sad to see what happen tonight, it is clear to everyone Tim & Paige should have left weeks ago, yes weeks. Lacy should have been saved by the Judges.

  14. It was such a disappointment to see Lacey Brown eliminated. She was my favorite – I felt she really put herself into her singing. Granted her final song tonight was with a shakey voice which was to be expected since I think she was holding back from crying. She left with grace and she had my vote. Unfortunately the show has a lost a few of us who really like her singing. Can’t you please rethink your save and surprise us (and probably many more out there )and use your save card and announce it on the next show and bring her back! PLEASE!!! I am going to pray like mad and watch the beginning of the show nextweek and see if my wish comes true! Simon you have the power to do it!!!!

  15. Listen up. It doesn’t matter in which order they go home so long as they are not in the top 4. Lacey Brown is a great singer and does have the most beautiful eyes but she does not belong on Idol. No way was she able to sing a Rolling Stones song as its just not her style. I hope she does really well with her career and I loved some of what she sang. She was never going to be comfortable prancing round the stage. Again Rolling stones was difficult for many of them but it doesn’t matter as unfortunately this seasons AI top 12 is just lacking anyone with any star quality and before you start shouting I do think Crystal and Mike are excellent but oh so straight and droll. Adam Lambert kicked this show so far into the future last year, that watching the contestants this year is just boring. I am certain people like Angela Martin are at home crying at the amount of talentless waifs who are supposed to be the creme de la creme to win the coverted title of American Idol.I’m just hoping that the younger ones like Aaron and Katie can find themselves in the next few weeks and then develop into divas. Good luck but I’m afraid AI9 is a very weak show due to the selection that has been made. The judges less Ellen have a lot to answer for and maybe bikini man may have been worth listening to and had better vocals and stage presence than this dopey dozen.

  16. Lacey is really lamey… though has got a big family to vote for him. Paige or tim will be next.

  17. American got it wrong. Tim should have been voted off. You got young girls voting on looks and not talent. You don’t do a Reggae version of a Rolling Stone song. The judges should have the right to override America when it gets it wrong. Lacey was not going to win the competition, but she could have lasted another week. Even Tim was surprised (which was the second time) he was not in the bottom two. Not fair when more talented contestants get voted off.

  18. Does anyone know the theme for next week… or any other week? How about any of the mentors for this season? Where to find this out?

  19. Who are you all listening to” really ” Tim and Paige safe. Next week hope things go better

  20. Everyone says this is a “mediocre” Top 12 this year. The truth? It is. Of everyone in the Top 12, only Didi and Michael have any extensive formal voice training and/or major stage experience. The other ten are amateurs, which means they will probably get much better as they go along rather than being great right out of the starting gate.
    Remember on Tuesday, the most common theme I heard in their videos was, “I grew up/live in this really small town in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.” They’re all small-town folk like the rest of us.

  21. I totally agree with Howard. Adam did push the show so far into the future, and watching this year was just plain boring ._.

  22. I agree with some of the other writer’s is issuing a special Alert to the Judge’s, show you are worth your salt and bring back Lacey Brown, the show needs her to be a real tallent show, get the amateurs out. Fred

  23. Simon I can’t belive what a baby you are. And when do you think they will get rid of ellen and kara. Aso is kara doing simon? This year really sucks

  24. Listen Judges, you have time to make this right, so what if you used it on the first night, it is needed, lacey can go all the way, america got it wrong, step up up and get it where it needs to be, if you don’t have the nadd’s to do the right thing resign. That is my civil version, you don’t want the other version. Fred

  25. I’m thanking the heaven above I never have to hear her mutilate another song. Thank you America, thank you. Only one word….. Landslide! How she survived that ridciulous perfromance that night I’ll never know. I’m so sorry to say Tim should not be next, Garcia never should have made it this far either. But after that Tim watch yer back cause it will be on the chopping block.

  26. To me what is most distracting is the judges. Why does Kara keep excluding Ellen by turning her back on her, and referring to the opinions of “the guys” when she means Randy and Ellen? Is she homophobic? She makes a point of making body contact with Simon to the point of being rude and excluding everyone else, which I don’t recall from other years. Does she have a problem, is she suddenly smitten with Simon, or is she just rude?

  27. The comments here are hilarious. Absolutely Lacey should go home, but…she wasn’t the worst. And yes…Paige needs to go too. However,Tim Urban is SO bad that Vote For the Worst .com is pulling their Sanjaya prank again this year in encouraging people to vote for Urban. IF they had not been doing so, and so many American Idol haters happily played along…Tim would already be gone. I think most people commenting here don’t understand that. So if you don’t want to see Tim Urban carried along and taking a more worthy performer’s place on into the top six (ala Sanjaya), then you guys had best be voting for the TALENTED people as if the integrity of the show (what little there is left) depended on it.

  28. Everybody will protest one way or another for who has been voted off. It is a natural reaction as none of us have the same taste. Tonight’s elimination was correct. Tim had 2 good weeks before this one, Page had a terrible performance last week, this week she did much better. Lacey in my opinion had not scored a good week, nobody was blown away for her singing and being fair 0 scores against the others who had been a little better than her well the result is that she was the one who had to leave.

    I still think this season is not the best at all. Siobhan, Crystal, Andrew and Michael are saving it to be the most boring to watch.

  29. why do you post the eliminated idol before it airs on TV?

    Editor’s Note: The results are posted live with the Eastern broadcast of the Idol results show.

  30. Uh… who was that making the “Blah blah blah” noise? Yeah, Crystal, Michael, and Andrew are the only ones that make this season interesting/worth watching. The little girls need to stop voting for Tim.

  31. America, for once this season, had gotten it dead on. Could not agree more with the bottom 3 tonight. I predicted lacey or tim would go. Tim will go next week.

  32. Bring Lacy back…You need something to liven up this season. Kara is awful this year,just plain rude. Paula was so much better.

  33. I believe that Lacey Brown outperformed the other contestants. Her voice does not offer the enculteralized americanism which is so typical, but the all-american sing-song voice,- this encourages contestants from all walks of life and a diverse population to participate. My favorite song by lacey Brown was: “kiss me”.

  34. Lacey should go. It doesnt matter if she goes before Tim or Paige because all 3 deserve to go. In the real world, one can just surf the net to find more of such ordinary singers. Except for Lee, Crystal and Siobhan this show is fast becoming American Karaoke. Its getting boring….

  35. Lacey deserved to go! She was irritating, irritating voice and face 🙁

    Tim is not a bad singer.

    Paige Miles…hmmm big voice no originality!

    Next to be eliminated Katie Steven!!

    Alex lambert, you are much much MISSED!!!

  36. Lacey was better with more star quality then the other bottom two and at least two others.

  37. Who’s the best? Siobhan, Crystal, Mike, Casey & the big underdog Lee. I think this is the logical order. I feel that Lee could be there until the end if he stays on the show long enough to gain confidence and experience. I get very frustrated when I see exceptional talent booted of the show way before the final 12 are selected. I think the judges need more involvement in the selection process and should have the final say based on their expertise and the call in results. They also need to knock of the insults and disrespect for the talent who in most cases have more talent in their little pinkies than most of the judges put together! I think Lee could actually be the wild card; go Lee, think Green Day? However the best vocalist hands down is Siobhan… I really like the humility of this group. Good luck to all of you!!!

  38. Well, i guess we could not have expected more than this. Lacey, Tim and Paige most definitely deserves to go before the others. Wish it was Tim who had gone this week, though. For someone who knows singing, the top 3 should definitely be Siobhan,Michael and Crystal. They had proved it already.

  39. Lacey should have gone a long time ago!!!!! She really has an irritating voice and smile. Lily Scott and Alex Lambert should have been on the top 12 instead!!

  40. Mike doesnt deserve to be in top 3 or top 10.

    Lee, Casey, Alex, Lilly, Crystal…thats top 5 for you!!

  41. I cannot believe voters that picked Lacey, Katie and paige should have been done last week and by their reactions they knew they got lucky! Lilly was great, should have move further. If Katie and paige make it further I will be surprised.

  42. Lacey’s voice simply just not enough. Hurts the ear just like the Lambert guy’s voice.

  43. Hi, well america did not vote correct again this week, every week we see talented people leave the competition because they are not ‘popular’ like for example Tim should not have been in the top 24 he is only in this competition by luck, and now the only reason he is still in the competition is because he is a look-a-like Zac Afron and little immature american girlies are voting for him purely because he looks like a true movie ‘star’. I think Kara and Simon really needs to step up their game and stop fooling around with each other and do what they are suppose to be doing in the first place and that is judge. the other two judges, well they are pathetic (excuse the honesty) who the H*** agreed on letting them be judges? i mean come on now surely yol could have gotten someone better right? i mean all you hear from those too are “look you know i like you and i like your look it worked for me/it didnt work for me” its like they dont know themselves wtf to say. So judges step in and save the show, because honestly imagine if TIM wins, i think american idol will lose the record deal and not just TIM and that could possibly be the end of the show for good, which wouldnt be such a bad idea because the “real” talent gets voted off every week and the people who THINK they can sing actually stays every week. I dont know but this show is deinately starting to be a waste of everyones time and electricity, just let Michael and Crystal be in the top two and let one of the actual talented people win! Please 4gods sake america, this show is gving Kelly Clarkson a bad rep now, cause their talent sucks and you keep on voting for the ‘suckers’!!wake up and vote properly!

  44. No. It is unfortunate but good looking boys with lackluster voices are usurping talented girls.

  45. well lacey had been my favorite one since she first audition in season 9. but america didn’t think she’s good enough, even the judge thinks so, they didn’t use the save. so i leave it all to the judge,and for them lacey is not good enough. she’s just not the type of singer that the 21st century teen would prefer.

  46. its a relief to see that there are those who appreciate Lacey Brown’s talent. I agree with them that the judges should have used the save even if this was very early on in the game. Her voice is not irritating, its unique, and couple that with her looks and we’ve got a star in the making. She is one of my favorites, but I don’t expect her to go as far as the top 5 or 3, but to have to leave this early, when there’s even worse performances by tim and paige (she was supposed to go last week, I don’t know what happened with America’s vote. I wish i could be there and vote like hell for people like Lilly Scott and Lacey Brown. They bring something unique to the table that is American music. But sadly, most people still go for what i’d like to call singer cliches. SAD

  47. Yeah…they took out a girl who would do better in the movies or at least on television (acting), the way the camera catches her and what a great face! Paige hang in there! I’m with Randy and Ellen. You were one of a few who brought the authenticity into the Stones performance. LOVED your voice (has a Carrie Underwood quality believe it or not) and LOVED your HOTPANTS (used to own a pair…which don’t fit now but we won’t talk any more about it cause that relationship ended badly).

  48. What a shame that Lacey was voted out. She has one of the most recognizable and unique voices of this years Idols as had Alex and Lily. So 3 of the most talented got the boot by wrong voting. Shame again.

  49. Tim Urban should have been sent home. He does not have a distinct voice to surpass the other vocals. He, himself is shocked when not eliminated. Are the voters keeping him in to put a twist on the competition again? Please!!! Give the votes to the real talent.

  50. I believe Tim is still here due to the fact that AI brought him back in after he was cut (for whatever reason). Now they have to “look” good! Not that Lacey would have won – but she probably would have made it for another week or two. What a shame – don’t think America did this one – I really think AI did. Keep on voting tho –

  51. I agree with #51-Merlene on the top 5, just a different order: Big Mike, Crystal, Siobhan, Casey,& Lee. I could change that as the weeks go on though… I am sorry Alex was voted off so early. He seemed so nice. I though he should have stayed a little longer. What a sad heart-wrenching moment on the show. Everyone was in tears.

  52. Andrew should go pronto. imagine going on tour and seeing straight up-esque performances

  53. What is wrong with America? Are they tone deaf? Garcia has GOT to go… Very disappointing as he started out so strong. Mike is becoming boring, and both should have been in the bottom three. The top contenders are definitely Lee, Crystal, Siobhan & Casey. Sorry to see Lacey go, and we thought Tim’s Reggae performance was kinda cool! Tim has been getting a lot of criticism but actually has a GREAT voice!

  54. I am a big fan of Aaron kelly.His voice is unique and powerful.He must be the top 3 American idol this year.Keep up the good work Aaron…………

  55. I know why Tim and Paige are still on and Alex, Lilly and Lacey were cut – did you see and hear that guest singer last night???? What they heck was that??? And she called herself and AI called her a singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was worse than the most horrible AI conntestant ever. WOW – AI, bring on some real talent for your guests. David Cook was awesome as always! Thank you for him.

  56. Yep, it’s for sure Tim has the teeny-bopper vote. I’m gonna stop predeicting he will leave, cuz I think he’s here for a while. B-o-o-o-o!!!

  57. Very disappointed to see urban still there and also Katie – she reminds me way too much of someone ‘just’ like her from last year – remember the crocodile tears actress? Even looks a bit like her! I like Lacey’s voice. Paige did okay but this was the first time in all the episodes that she impressed me or was even memorable. My favorite is probably Aaron – he has a great voice – but Crystal will probably – and should – take it.

  58. Well,……….Blah, Blah, Blah…the perfect song and the perfect loser singer in honor of a bunch of losers….the only one left standing with any talent is Lee DeWyze…He has the look and sound of Dave Mathews and will make it either way,,,with or without AI…He has talent and they should be nurturing it…..the rest, average vocals at best!!!!!!!

  59. Mike is an ego grabber…He sure thinks he’s hot…can’t sing. he likes to look tough and shout……average voice…but he is voted on because of the cutesy baby story…come on you guys….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get real!!!!!

  60. America is incapable of getting it right. Professional help is required here. Tim should have been gone 2 shows ago WTF. I think their should be 50% judge involvement. Go back to lala land American voters.

  61. #77 (carol) – I couldn’t agree more. Please throw Crystal there too. Mike and Crystal seem so arrogent. I hope they humble a bit as time goes on. I don’t see the “talent” in Big Mike near as much as others do. I see a lot more potential from Crystal.

  62. Love Siobhan, Lee and Crystal enough to still tune in, even vote for them, BUT with Lilly gone, for me everryone else is an “also ran.” AI is in real danger of producing nothing but clones, when the mission started out looking for “original talent,” feel like it’s gotten cul-de-sac’d in an assembly line plant putting out tired old designed cars. Maybe that’s the “old” the judges keep referring to and we out here feel. Lilly was the fresh poet come to the mix, should have known she wouldn’t last in this suffocating doldrums of “limp sameness.”

  63. I think America got the vote right this week. Although Lacey had a smooth voice, it was boring.

  64. Why did we have to endure listening to the two female guest singers last night? That was a waste of A.I. time and mine. David Cook was good. Hey, how about a guest appearance from Adam Lambert? Want high ratings A.I.? That would do it!

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  66. Adam would be goood to see. I would like to see Brooke White and Nick/Norman too.

  67. Lacey was a better singer, than Tim, America did not get it right, and Rolling stone night was so boring, with a bunch of slow songs, I agree with the other comment that David Cook was the best singer this week with his “jumping jack flash ” song. I think A.I. is way too long of a show, we don’t need to see all of the auditions, they’re so boring, and the judges all end up repeating themselves and confusing the contestants. They need to shorten the season of the show to make it more
    exciting. I miss Adam Lambert !!!

  68. There are so many talented young people on American Idol. While none of these young people are pros in the beginning they all grow throughout the season. Some times it is easier for us to criticize than to praise. Tim is not a seasoned performer but I believe this young man will grow. He is a good looking young man, he has a good voice not great but neither did Rod Stewart or Mick Jagger. They have unusual voices. Each comment posted I hope are contructive criticism. Lets not forget their ages and how far each of these young people have come from the beginning. Most are overlooking Aaron who at 16 is more seasoned and versatile than most in the competition but can you imagine how great he will be in another year or two. These kids are doing a fantastic job performing each week. My advise to each is take the constructive criticism and make this journey a learning experience. Each of you are already stars.

  69. Well America sought of got it right. First off paige was slightly better than lacey but by a perhaps better performance. Tim remains average at best and Garcia is really closing in on elimination also! He is so uninspiring that I long for the return of Jason Castro! I mean outside of Siobhan and Bowersox none of them really knock me out.

  70. I think this is more of a popularity contest than a best vocal contest, I mean come on we must have some real tone deaf people voting!

  71. David Cook & Orianthe both had some nice guitar work. I knew Orianthe was slick with a guitar, but I didn’t realize David had it. Good job!
    Blah Blah Blah was Blah Blah Blah!
    On your American Idol Net poll – The top half & bottom half is about right… if those with 1% & 2% go in the next few weeks (Lacey, Paige, Katie, Tim) … we are going in the correct direction…

  72. I think lacey aint the worst but she didnt do well with the rolling stone theme , tim does deserve additional chance

    keisha sucked big time time tonite what has gone with u american idol show have some sense

  73. This season is really suck!! I miss season of Adam Lambert, Fantasia, David Cook, not like this season! It’s so bad especially with the boys who just now keep playing guitar and made so boring… Tim – the worst ever! drama queen!
    I vote for Mike, eventhough not like last season, Adam Lambert rocks!!!

  74. based on the Top 12 performance… i think Tim must going home for this week… not Lacey…

  75. There are three people still there with much less talent. America missed again this week! Two wonderful voices leaving in a row! My first year to watch the show from the very beginning. Started off major boring. Now is beginning to be a show about who can get the vote out.. not about talent!

  76. I agree, the judges should get at least half of the vote. It would eliminate upsets like Lacey being sent home when she should have made it to the final 7 or 8. I honestly don’t see any of the guys with more talent than Lacey. Paige is still the worst female voice of the group. She is very attractive, but her voice is very, very average. Anyone that votes for her really doesn’t understand talent.

    What I really liked about Lacey is her ability to take some chances, her vocals and her very unique look. Lacey was not the worst female that performed on this night. In fact, she was probably the 5th or 6th best performer.

    The two biggest names out of American Idol are females (Kelly and Carrie) but the guys continue to get more votes regardless of talent. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 4 gals and one guy make it to the final 5. But if America really doesn’t have a clue, it will be 5 guys.

  77. Everyone needs to send in with wanting Wild Card.Everyone wants Alex back!!!!!!! Didi is the best,and Cyrstal,and Mike,but Alex should have made it MUCH further.

  78. So much talent got from the girls contestant, but so far there mush wrong choice. i gave no idea about Katie Steven, why she still there??? this is not personality contest.

    i think Lily must be in top 12. and now we loose Lacey brown. What’s wrong with American people (especially for everybody who vote)…

    the guys is not that good, someguy must be out first (Tim Urban, Casey James and Aaron Kelly), i think America is trying to find a great singer like : Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Fantasia, David cook, Archuleta and Adam lambert. In this season almost all of them just a fine singer, not a great one.

    my favorite are Didi Benami, Siobhan in girls and Andrew&Big mike in guys….

    i hope the top 3 is them.

  79. I really wanted Lacey to continue further in the competition, but it seems like America doesn’t agree with me, seeing that 2 of my favorites, Lilly and Lacey, were eliminated in 2 consecutive weeks:( Based on what I watched, they deserve to be in the top 11 more than some of the other contestants…

  80. So many comments, I’ve decided to stop reading and post mine :-). I want to agree with someone who said that it doesn’t really matter in which order they go but the best have to stay until the end. My problem is that Lacey was in my Top 3 girls with Siobhan and Crystal. I’m not a fan of Tim Urban and think he should go soon, but I liked his reggae version of the Stones. So, Paige was definitively the one who should have gone this week. Well, now that one of my Top 6 is gone, my remaining Top 5 are (in no specific order): Siobhan, Crystal, Michael, Aaron and Casey. I think Casey will be the first to go in that group.

  81. Nelson, I agree with your Top 5 only to add that I believe that Aaron is your dark horse because of his age and his talent at that age. He can be groomed as a commercial success. Crystal, Michael and Siobhan will make it with a record deal immediately but Aaron is the dark horse. Great observations Nelson. Will write you again after tonight.

  82. yep idol absolutely crap this year, i think simon has got it right on leaving after this season,, how can anything compete with last years idol and ADAM LAMBERT good luck with anyone trying to follow his performances xx go adam

  83. Karaoke night at the Kodak. I kept waiting for someone to “make a song their own”. To mix it up and take a old song and make it better and current. Last year everyone seemed to be mixing it up, but this year only one or two change the song to something more current.

    Crystal was excellent tonight, Big Mike and Aaron were pretty good, but Didi and Seobhan had off karaoke nights.

  84. Crystal was excellent and I agree with judges, she is certainly in her own league. I thought Aarons performance was really good and he will be in your top five. I think the judges are confusing these contestants with so much conflicting comments from each. And someone is not doing their job behind the scenes guiding these young people with song choice as they have in years past. So many of the contestants said they were having a good time in there performance but each must remember that this is a competition.

  85. It cracks me up how we all know(including myself)all the judges lingo.Why does Kara flirt 24/7?She i embarasing herself.Ellen is so real,and does have true,real opinions.Randy is inconsistent.Sometimes,he’s right on the money,sometimes,way off.Simon is almost always right,but could cut out being so mean to these inocent singers.You can be very constructive without killing every dream someone has.I love Didi,Crystal,Mike,Casey,and AAron.I don’t get Shiobon at all.She is on tune most of the time,but her screaming is aweful.Adam held out a note,not screaming.The big problem is there are no Adams this year,so we’re disappointed.Did has a fantastic unique sound.Crysal is outstanding,and Mike is very powerful with great stage presence.The need to do wildcard,to bring Alex back.Lacey was grea,just lacked confidence.You can’t teach a great voice,but you can teach great stage presence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Casey,Didi,Mike and Crystal,adn maybe Aaron will do amazing at R&B this week.I think it’ll be alot better,after all their harsh critisms.VOTE FOR THE ONES WITH GOOD VOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. While I believe that most of us who submit comments have the top five picked and they are Crystal, Michael, Casey, Aaron and either Shiobon or Didi, I think that Aaron is going to be our dark horse. His country, pop appeal will take him to the top. I have followed this show from day one, laughed and cried with all. Past American Idol contestants dominate the music industry and will continue to dominate when the American people choose the winner and each contestant builds their own fan base. American Idol, you rock. And remember America this is a singing/music competition. Vote smart!!!!

  88. You’re right Nelson (March 23, 9:43). Siobhan and Crystal are phenomenal. I miss Lacy too, and the best dudes are Michael, Casey and Aaron. Id be very pleased to see Siobhan or Crystal take the prize!

  89. Now that it is getting down to the top five, I predict that the Top 5 will be Aaron, Crystal, Lee, Casey and possibly Siobhan. While Michael has a beautiful, it will be hard to commercialize him as a individual such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. All of these young people are exceptional and are already stars in there own right.

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