American Idol 2010: Countdown to the Top 24

Hey American Idol fans!  This week we finally get the official word from FOX on who exactly is in the TOP 24.  Tomorrow night we have two hours of round 3 and Wednesday the 24 are chosen. 

Finally, the end of auditions and the narrowing down of contestants is in sight and we can get to the best of the best and cast our votes on who should be the next American idol

This year has been filled with drama when it comes to the judges.  First we had to deal with Paula’s absence and the emergence of guest judges who were for the most part, not up to par.  Add the signing of Ellen DeGeneres as the new full time judge and the departure of Simon after this season and looking for his replacement; it is enough to make this blogger go out of her mind lol.  Hopefully once we get down to the actual competition we will get away from so much focus on the judges and concentrate soley on the singers.

I’m more than ready to get past this week so we can move on from the monstrosity they built around the 3 weeks of auditions and the horrible group round from last week and get down to the nitty gritty of the actual competition. 

How do you feel about all the auditions and did you think there was too much focus on the judges?

Update: Snark Food says American Idol will give us an early reveal of some of the season’s Top 24 singers on Tuesday night as part of the 2-hour episode. Bonus!