American Idol 2010: The Top 24 Spoilers


The word is out and Joe’s Place has all 24 contestants who made it to the top 24 of American Idol 2010.   See if your favorites made it past Hollywood week to sing for your vote.

1.  Aaron Kelly                                                       
age 16                                                                   
Hometown: Sonestown, PA                       

2.  Alex Lambert
Hometown: North Richland Hills, TX
I’m Yours (youtube)

3.  Andrew Garcia
Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA

4.  Ashley Rodriguez
Hometown: Boston, MA

5. Todrick Hall
Hometown: Plainview, TX

6. Casey James
Hometown: Dallas/Fort Worth

7. Chris Golightly

8. Crystal Bowersox
Hometown: Chicago, IL

9. Haeley Vaughn
Age: 16
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO

10. Janell Wheeler
Hometown: Orlando, FL

11. Jermaine Sellers
Hometown: Joliet, IL

12. John Park
Student at Northwestern

13. Katie Stevens

14. Katelyn Epperly
Hometown: Desmoines, IA

15. Lilly Scott
Hometown: Denver, CO

16. Lacey Brown
Hometown: Amarillo, TX

17. Lee DeWyze
Hometown: Chicago, IL

18. Michael Lynche

19.  Paige Miles

20. Tyler Grady
or also known as the broken hands guy

21.  Vered Didi Benami

22. Jose Munoz

23.  Michelle Delamor

24.  Siobhan Mangus 

Remember, this is not an official list from FOX so take it with a grain of salt however, I did verify it with my source, missyae.  Tell us who is not here that you wanted to see make it to the top 24?




  1. Really wanted the girl from Tennesse to make it! She just needed a little fine tuning. It would be nice if Dolly Parton or another country singer with some cash would help this girl out!!

  2. Vanessa Wolf needs to make it. She is a wonderful example of what Idol should be about. I hope that list was wrong about her.

  3. Samuel Larsen from Los Angeles, age 18 for sure. He is a real artist, with very good voice, plays multiple instruments and has very striking fitures. He has the full packege. He needs to be one of the 24 definatly.

  4. I was pulling for The guy from Florida Seth Rollins who had the kid with autism, he sounded good, and a good guy seemingly, too

  5. Chris, I got the names from joes place and he had honeycut as 90 percent but I confirmed the names with my source so take it all with a grain of salt and if anything changes I will update the post.

  6. First of all, I think it would be nice to have guest judges who are just general consumer’s like me. After all, who better to give additional input than the people that would actually be potential purchasers of records or concert attendees. I volunteer! Unfortunately I wouldn’t be as nice as Paula. I remember listening to the one girl in a season I cannot remember that the judges (well Simon) inferred sounded like a lamb going “baaaa” and secretly wishing I could contact her to ask tell her to just do Landslide by Stevie Nicks – that would have been the perfect song for her voice. And I’m sorry, if you have a good voice, it doesn’t much matter if you put us to sleep. I judge the contestants by virtue of how long I’d be able to listen to them sing without getting bored. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t sit through a crooner concert for more than one or two songs without snoring!

  7. One more thing, contestants, please do not let the show change your style. I see so many of you come in looking hip and trendy and some even grunge and by the end of the season you are in pants that fall below your breasts or a dress and high heals! Come on people, keep your sense of fashion and if someone offers you those pants that makes no ones figure look good, just outright refuse – I don’t care how skinny you are, just outright refuse!!!

  8. heyyyyyyy well. I agree with the top 24. But i vote for ashely rodriguez. Although the others are good as she is, She is the one i will vote. Thank you

  9. heyyyyy im form argentina. Can i participate on american idol next yeay if i am form argentina?

  10. What happened to that jazzy blues singing girl Leah who sang blue skies. Loved her…

  11. I went to high school with Casey James and he is highly talented. Everyone here at home is cheering him on and the overall opinion is that we always knew he would go far.

  12. What about Mallorie Haley? Ok so she has already got a little bit of a career going for her but her voice and look is too good to pass up. I understand a good portion of this country does not enjoy country music but look at Carrie! Mallorie has that potential.

  13. Okay…where the heck is Tori Kelly from Canyon Lake, CA??? She’s a seasoned vet of reality singing contests and only 18 years old? There’s no way she doesn’t make the top 24!

  14. I feel Angela Martin should’ve made the top 24, not because of her situations, but because she is truly talented and America needs to see what she is able to bring.

  15. I thing Samuel Larsen should be one of the 24 and one of the finalist for sure. He has the voice, the looks, the talent,Charisma and a good heart. He is the full packege and very marketable. His music will sell sell sell. he is 18 and all the teenagers would want his CD’s

  16. wanted SINGING POLICEMAN BYRAN to make it he has sang with a Southern Gospel Group and I THINK WAS GREAT

  17. Tori Kelly, who sang “gravity” at the denver auditions should’ve made it. She can blow. Her youtube videos show her vocal ability alot better than her american idol audition.


  19. I want Vanessa Wolfe to make it. She will develope into a real talent with some coaching and support.I hope your list is wrong about her.

  20. I agree, the girl from Vonore Tennessee should of made it. What a story that would od been. Her and her $4.50 dress from the Dollar store.
    Yes Dolly needs to pick up on that. They are from the same area.

  21. Samuel Larsen. He is the full packege plus. I hope your list is not official because his singing, looks and talent would be a positive and productive choice. He is charosmatic. He desserves to be one of the 24.

  22. jermaine pulofry (sp)…. i really think you guys don’t judge fairly…..that’s all I will say, you pick a few favorites and never give the rest a chance, that’s not fair. having said that, I do like casey james and aaron kelly. This year’s crop is altogether kind on weak, eh? by the way, the best singers always finish second on this show anyways/////

  23. I loved the pants on the ground guy!!! too bad he was over the age limit 🙁 o well lovi ai so far!!

  24. I thought that the guy who had cancer, I think his name is Justin, was really good at the auditions, but they didn’t show much of him in Hollywood. I guess that they didn’t like his song, but I was shocked when they didn’t put him through. He was good and his smile is gorgeous. And how bout’ the guy with the cowboy hat that had been in prison? I thought that he was good too!

  25. Hi, I’m missing Justin Williams from Boston. Justin was recovering from cancer and he got my heart with his will to survive and go on no matter what and with his strong beautiful voice, his dashing smile and sexy eyes. Hope he is coming back next year, those eyes and joie de vivre is hard to forget..

  26. The local paper said Benjamin Bright made it to Hollywood – didn’t see him – does anyone know???

  27. what happened to Luke Shaffer from auditions??? couldnt wait to see him in hollywood and didnt c him at all he was awesome in auditons he had a great voice!!

  28. At the end of the show on 02.09.10, I have 6 favs = Andrew Garcia, Casey Hill, Crystal Bowersox, Janell Wheeler, Lilly Scott and Michael Lynche.

  29. Mallorie Haley? Did she get booted already? Couldn’t have with all the audition coverage they gave her and then nothing?

  30. Here are some that will make it, but not on your top 24:
    Matt Lawrence
    Christian Spears
    Hope Johnson
    Leah Laurenti
    Danell Hayes

  31. I am really surprised that Angela Martin is not ‘expected’ to be in AT LEAST the top 24.. Definitely one of my favorites after all of the auditions…

  32. The seattle chic Daniel Hayes we need her on idol she is a local to all the kitsap and olympic peninsula area. and oh yeah she has a little boy who would also want this for his mom.

  33. Oh my word, I hope this list is accurate, because Katie Stevens, Casey James, and Aaron Kelly are seriously my top 3 favorites right now.

    Is Michael Lynche still in the running? I heard he got disqualified when his dad announced to their local paper that he’d made the Top 24 before it was aired.

  34. why did luke shaffer get cut i didnt get to see his hollywood week performance so what was soo bad u cut him for.


  36. why is luke not there i was just watching american idol and i didnt see luke shaffer??? i wanted to see his adition for hollywood!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!! please can u make an aception for seeing what happened to luke at hollywood??? please 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁


  38. were the heck is luke shaffer????? (imposible to find) was one of the best songs ever and he did sooo great!!! what song did he sing this time??? were is he if you dont show his last performance i will stop watching AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:U

  39. how about for Hope Johnson i think she’s got an awesome voice and alex lambert….just an opinion..hope for the both of them..

  40. what happened to luke shaffer? He was amazing in his audition and nothing ever was said of him again.

  41. I was surprised to see this one not in the top 24. I was hoping for the dream come true.

  42. I agree with Matt. Your friend Luke probably didnt make it into the final 24 because he wasnt talented enough.

  43. What happened to Blake Marvin? I know he went to Hollywood, but just haven’t seen him. He’s great – definitely great enough to make it to the top 24!!!!

  44. looking for name of 16yr.old whho sang Halleluliah. She was the first singer when it started. She had blong hair. Sang perfectly. Hope she is in the top 24.

  45. Jaclyn North– I have learned this is more about
    making a t.v. show, than letting good talent
    be seen! I would hope that she would be
    given a chance, Based on what i heard tues.
    and wed. the only reason she shouldn’t have made it, is she forgot her words.. which i guess is always possible..

  46. Just a question, is that a random order or is that like the order for winning or anything. Or is it alphabetical, i mean i guess it could be but there are some people that are out of place..
    <3 CASEYYY

  47. ‘Vered Didi Benami’ is ‘Dee Dee’ the waitress. Crystal is probably my favourite out of that lot, but some we have hardly seen yet, so I shall reserve my judgement for the lives.

  48. ouch okay, she’s in!! LOL i found it funny, all the LEIGHs in the comment box are looking for the same girl!! *high five*

  49. uhm what happened to the black girl who did a mean Mary J. in the ep where Shania Twain was the guest judge? she was in the competition since season 5? Where is she now?

  50. i want tasha layton and mallorie haley to be in the top 24. may i know what round they had been cut off?thanks

  51. i want tasha layton and mallorie haley to be in the top 24. may i know what round had they been cut off?thanks

  52. The guy with the baby was Big Mike and I hear he was disqualified because his dad told the media he was in the final 24 before the show aired, a big contractual nono. Sucks.

  53. WHERE IS KEIA JOHNSON !! she is amazing….angela martin is amazing, andrew garcia is amazing and DID BENAMI !!!!
    these four deserve to be the top 4

  54. I really liked Jessica Furney both last year and this year. Wish we could see more of her. “Small town girl. Big dreams.” And it looks like she has a voice with a wide range and unique sound.

  55. What happened to Charity Vance? She auditioned in Chicago, is from Little Rock, AR and has been singing all of her life! She is super talented, and I really thought that she would go all the way to the Top 24, and then who knows how are up the ladder on AI! She made it to the next round in the last show!

  56. angela martin didn’t make it. But ashley rodriguez make it.. looking forward for her.. I hope she make it up to top 12..<3

  57. I was hoping that LLOYD THOMAS, the dock worker, would make it to the top 24 !!
    Great voice and great personality !!

  58. Angela has been through so much through her seasons of trying out for American idol. Recently her mother was found missing and choose to stay on the show since this was the last year she could try out. Angela has a great voice and should be in the top 24.

  59. My husband and I are voting for Andrew Garcia! But I really do, myself, like Aaron Kelly. For being only 16 he really has an amazing voice and I feel he will go far! I am very hard to impress so I think I should be a judge on the show LOL. But on a serious note, it is shows like american idol that makes me want to quickly add on music to my agency. There are so many talented people out there who just need to build their confidence and some just need to work on their vocals. =) Good luck everyone on American IdOL!

  60. I thought Hope and the gal with the disfigured face should make it to top 24 too. It would have been heart warming. Please add them as wild cards

  61. Samuel Larsen. He has to make it to at least top 24, if not even top 10. Huge personality, well rounded, crazy talented, not full of himself, and yes, a great voice. Samuel Larsen rocks, vote him in people! Get ready

  62. @S: Big Mike made it to the Top 24, but I’m not sure when that incident happened with his family revealing his success on the show. I don’t know how far in advance these episodes were filmed.

  63. If Ashley Rodriguez doesn’t make it into the top 3 , American Idol is definately fixed..That girl can sing and her stage presence is awesome..A true star…

  64. where’s Thaddeus, the kid who’s mom has been cheering him on? he’s like 16 and sounds like a pro. How does he not make the cut???

  65. I really wanted to see Hope Johnson and Shelby (I think) who was the last to audition and half her face wouldn’t move as a child.

  66. Jermain Purifoy from Chicage. whats up with him not being on?? he was so good…he sang “smile” but Charlie Chaplin but he made it unique in his own way.

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