American Idol 2010: Next Stop – Denver

Tonight we reach our final destination on the audition tour of American Idol Season 9 in the city of Denver.  This was actually the first stop in the tour for the judges and the first time Victoria Beckham joined the panel.  Apparently Simon saw something in her during this go around because he brought her back to Boston.  I most definitely wasn’t impressed with her in Boston but am keeping my hopes up for tomorrow.

In an interview with People online Victoria had this to say about her judging style, “I believe in constructive criticism and I am a very positive person, so I always tried to find something good and helpful to focus on, be it someone’s singing, their looks or their overall style. Having been a performer, I know how difficult it is to be that person standing there being judged. I didn’t want to trample on people’s dreams.”  This doesn’t sound at all like the Posh we saw in Boston.  I don’t remember any constructive criticism at all. 

Posh also said she wanted an overall look and not just strong pipes.  She says, “For me, image is important as that helps sell records. I wouldn’t judge someone just on their looks alone, or what they were wearing; it takes the whole package of vocal, personality and a personal style.”  This explains all the comments on how the contestants looked during the Boston auditions.  It was apparent that was what she valued the most.

And on laughing at the contestants she had this to say, But for every great singer, “there were plenty of break-out laughing moments,” Beckham admits. “You can’t help but laugh. It’s a joyous, natural reaction. And whilst you don’t want to appear rude or upset anybody, people and their comedy moments are just as important as the really talented singers are, because they make great TV!”

So in the eyes of Posh Spice having a good look is as important as singing well and laughing at the contestants who can’t sing is important because it brings ratings for tv.  This lady has it all figured out. (I’m being sarcastic of course)

Do you think Victoria will bring the constructive criticism this go around?