Ellen Degeneres and Simon Cowell Fight for Control

With the new season of American Idol barely underway, trouble is already brewing at the judges table between Ellen Degeneres and Simon Cowell. 


It was Ellen’s first day on the job.  She showed up nervous and excited however these feelings quickly turned to anger as she waited and waited on Simon to show up.  Ninety minutes later, he breezed through the door.  Apparently Ellen had rearranged her schedule and moved the taping of her talk show up so she would make it to Idol on time. 

Deadline.com claims a source close to AI told them Ellen was fuming and called Simon a “prima donna.”  Ellen then jumps on the phone with FOX chief Mike Darnell and tells him to “hurry up and pick” Simon’s replacement.

Radaronline is also talking about the on going feud between the two but their source claims the 90 minute hold up is “greatly exaggerated” and Simon was only 14 minutes late and the taping had started without him.  This caused more tension between the two and when the cameras stopped rolling, the two were not speaking to each other. 

“There’s two camps on the show this season,” said an Idol insider. “It’s a lot more tense than previous seasons. It seems as if Ellen has decided to try to take control since Simon is on his way out and that’s created problems.”

Who do you think will end up with final control on AI?




  1. I think Simon is the only positive constant on the American Idol panel. While he can be a bit blunt at times, his remarks are accurate and to the point and there is no doubt as to where he stands and he offers constructive criticism which is an asset as far as I am concerned. If Ellen has so much to do that she can’t wait a minute then she has too much to do to serve on the panel. To my notion, her qualifications or lack of, should take her off the panel anyway. Who chose her in the first place? Her reported lifestyle leaves much to be desired for many of us. Regardless of this fact, however, she is simply not qualified.

  2. Ellen does not belong on American Idol and in her wildest dreams she’ll never replace Simon Cowell!!!

  3. This can’t be serious question. There’s no way Ellen could or will be able to replace Simon. I’m not sure that is the right person for the judging panel. This should be an interesting year, if not for the contestants, but just to see what kind of “stir” will happen between the judges. Of couse, that can become pretty old – Fast! I do hope the talent does not become second best, as this show is supposed to about them.

  4. Who will end up in control? While Ellen has gained huge power in the entertainment industry, she is NOT in the music business (dancing on her show does not qualify her) and ultimately this is a show about music and someone eventually winning a recording contract. Ellen may very well have the cash to set someone up, but as for knowing the music biz, she does not and Simon’s experience will win out and probably his personality will too! Sorry, Ellen, you’re no Simon replacement. 🙁

  5. Ellen does not belong on American Idol.Simon is better then her. I am not sure of anyone who would take the place of Simon.

  6. So far, the guest judges they have had on this year have been useless–especially Katie Perry last week. She seems to think she wants Simon’s job as judge, and she may as well forget it. She was literally a joke and made a fool out of herself. Someone like Simon comes along once in a blue moon. No one, Katie Perry or Ellen, are going to take Simon’s place. Ellen needs to sit back and learn the ropes. IMHO, this show will go down the tubes as soon as Simon leaves…unless they can get Piers Morgan to try to take Simon’s place.




  8. Well I personally think Randy needs to step up and get a little more aggressive. Next season he will be the only original judge and I think he should be the dominating person on the panel.

  9. IF this is to remain a singing contest,only judges with real performance or production experience should be on the judging panel. Neil Patrick Harris – only one with ear to hear reality besides Simon…offer the seat to him

  10. @Resa – Hell yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. These people know the microscope they’ll be under throughout the entire show. NPH said it best, if the people auditioning for the show can’t take the initial criticisms then they’re in for a very bumpy ride. A lot of folk, HATED Simon when the show first started. He was arrogant, rude, and mean. But he was also very truthful. Now everyone loves Simon. Everyone will grow to love NPH.

  11. Ellen is not a good fit for this show. Who elects these judges anyway? Ellen? No musical background, and can’t even dance or carry a beat? WTF?

  12. ellen please go back to whatever you where doing !before you make a fool of your self. for one on your fisrt day on the job you dont make demands! two dont not put down some one who been on the show for 9 years! even if he is a monkey ass. you don not belong on this show.. cast call next??????

  13. I think Simon – he’s the only one that really makes AI what it is. I was willing to give Ellen a chance but if she stirs up crap because she thinks she’s something special, I have no interest in watching her. AI has been my all time favorite show and I really hate to see it end, but without Simon there next year and if Ellen stays on – it’s over.

  14. Ellen has absolutely no talent what-so-ever! She’s really not funny, and has absolutely no experience in the music industry. What sucks is that Fox snagged her to judge so they could have another big name to the show. Irregardless of how awful of a pick she is.

  15. I think Ellen is an awesome comedia..she is down to earth and easy going. I will just wait for her appearance on AI before I bash her. Go Ellen.

  16. Yeh, Neil Patrick Harris was good the other night, but from all I hear, he’s too busy to even be a guest host, much less more.

  17. Being a judge of talent is a high honor. In order for people to respect your criticism and choices you must have knowledge of what you are judgeing.Picking a winner that people will respect as an artist takes skill. I know the show will sufer with Simon leaving but I think the powers that be will choose a highly qulified person to follow Simon. I what the show to continue so young talent will have a chance to be discovered. I will put my faith in the powers that be to make the choice of a judge who will make America proud

  18. Of course Simon will be in charge. But I’ll tell you, when I first heard this would be his final year with AI, I thought there is just no one that can possibly replace him. That was until Katie Perry was a guest Judge. I LOVED HER! She was brutal and constructive just as Simon is. If there is anyone at all that would be able to remotely replace Simon, it would be her. Otherwise, this is my last year with AI too. It would just not be my cup of tea without Simon there. Most of my critiques about the contestants, are very similar to his. Lydia

  19. Ellen is awesome! I think she and Simon will make a great pair. All of their little tiffs will be staged, of course. The person that needs to remove herself from the show is Kara. She is an absolute joke. Her criticism is always the same. I don’t think she has an original thought in her head. Very annoying! Go Ellen! She is funny, talented and will be a great addition to AI!

  20. I agree, Rose. I have never really understood what Kara stands behind. She doesn’t have any intelligence behind her statements. She speaks, and then gets this blank stare and quirky smile that says she made a wise statement. Frankly, if the seat was empty, and Kara wasn’t on, there would be no difference in the show. I would vote for Ellen over Kara any day. Kara has no personality. On a sadder note, no one makes the show like Simon does. I’ve always favored his opionion over others. His opinions often match my thoughts exactly!

  21. i think Ellen so totally rocks. she is very talented and deserves to be a judge. she’s a fantastic human being and very fair. yes simon is AI no doubts but there again he is leaving after this season right! all the drama is for our entertainment people! don’t get so judgemental about it . just enjoy the show! 🙂

  22. Who in the hell picked Ellen. This is a singing competition. What has gay rights got to do with Idol. Oh I guess Ellen works cheaper that Paula. Get Paula back–she knows how to sing. If Simon isn’t back next year-AI will go down the drain in a hurry, and that is really sad. Put Ellen back on her own show-that way we don’t have to watch her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Simon has control and will keep control while he is there !If Ellen can prove she has vocal skills “as a Judge” then I think she is a good replacement for Paula, Paula liked everyone, was sweet and funny.Ellen is a likable person,funny,but To be a Judge the first requirement should be a very, very, good judge of vocal skills not a singer ( not required to sing ) but able to pick out the best singers. I like Ellen but I don’t know anything about her vocal skills. I hope she blews everyone away with her vocal juding skills !If Ellen does not have any skills to be a judge then there will be an issue. If Simon leaves the show next year then replacing him will be a big task he has become a big part of the show.


  25. Ok,….We have Love and we have Hate.
    Is it really fair to talk about people?
    I think no matter who the judges are, they will all do a good job. Most of us know, that it is not super hard to tell if someone can sing or not, exspecially if you get to hear them a few times. Ellen does know music, most people just don’t know that. AMERICA NEEDS TO KEEP AMERICAN IDOL ALIVE.
    Let’s keep it real, … it is not about the judges, it is about the contestants… then it is up to America.

  26. I hope that Simon and Paula will be together on Simon’s new show, The X-Factor! I know I’ll be watching that, it’ll almost be like AI, all they need is Randy!!!!!!

  27. I think ellen will be fine as AI judge, she’s still new, but she showed compassion and kindness to all the candidates! I like to watch her on the show, she’s cool and funny! I’m looking forward more of her in the show!! Ellen i support you!!

  28. I HOPE PEOPLE MAKE THE CONNECTION BETWEEN LAMBERT BEING ROBBED OF THE TITLE & NOW ELLEN IS ON THE JUDGING PANNEL???? WTF??? it seems the gay community placed a rep at the table to make sure this doesnt happen again. get over it people ive been watching since day 1 & voted for kelly along with most winners so if you didnt win suck it up cuz its not a fluke!!!

  29. Paula has already did shows with simon on the x factor. X-factor has been going since 2004.
    look up x-factor videos on youtube.
    I think the x factor will over come AI.

  30. I got to also say that i DO NOT like that judge louis walch on the x factor. He is so rude to the contestants and to the other judges.
    I saw several shows of the x factor, and it is just like American Idol, but… more fun, because there is no age limit.

    Check it out on youtube!!!!!!!!!

  31. Ellen knows nothing about music or promotion. Simon is a prima donna, but that’s tolerable since he knows what he’s doing. On the other hand, Ellen appears to be in over her head. She would do well to excuse herself in favor of someone who is qualified to judge musical performances. I like the idea of a guest judge. They have done that before and it lends a professional touch to have a famous artist or music producer as a guest judge.

  32. To my surprise, Ellen, seems to be giving motivating comments, which are up lifting to the contestants. She has also given constructive criticism, yet, adds positive comments, which help these young people, I believe, to work harder on their singing talents and performances. Though, she has no real back ground for this type of competition, I find that she’s a plus, she is like a cheer leader.. motivating, kind, appreciative of what each one has to offer on stage. She helps to soften the devastating blows which may come from Simon’s critique. Over all, and thus far, I’m pleasantly surprised.

  33. I have no interest in anything Ellen is involved with. I enjoyed Idol until this year, and have not/will not watch one minute. Ellen is on a political bandwagon I cannot agree with.

  34. Degeneres is easily the most over rated name in the industry…she’s finally getting some real exposure in the AI time slot and the public is getting a first hand look at what a no talent she really is…with Simon leaving, this is the beginning of the end for this show…

  35. Its frustrating to listen to Ellen’s dumb comment on something beyond her…music! Pls get her off the show!!! This could still be an awesome show if not because Ellen is in it!!!

  36. If anything, I think Kara should get off the show. She really has no point being there. She usually just repeats points that have already been said, or she'll say something outragious. If Ellen's comment was actually said, I guess I would lose a little respect for her, but I don't think it is. Simon CAN be a little snobbish, although I do agree he is one of the only "legit" judges there. Ellen is a good judge, and she makes the show a little more interesting. I just wish that Paula would come back and replace KARA.

  37. I have to agree with the above post by Tyler Jones. But apparently not only Simon is out (and Paula going with him to the X-Factor), but Ellen is off the show, too. Kara isn't a shoo-in to stay, either. Randy is the only constant. Never stirs anybody up like the others do. That riff between Ellen and Simon seemed to be manufactured, but apparently Ellen was made to feel she didn't belong there, not only by music critics, but also by her fellow panelists, who were dismissive of her comments and judgments due to her lack of experience in the musical industry. Sad to see her go.

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