American Idol 2010: Rating the Top 16

I am basing my opinion on last week’s American Idol 2010 performances only and have not taken into account previous acts. See if you agree with my views.

1.  Big Mike – He showed the best singing skills of the week and if he sticks to this soulful sound instead of the maroon 5 crap from the previous week, he will be a strong contender.

2.  Crystal Bowersox – Came on strong this week and deserves to be graded high. After getting ill and going to the hospital, she nailed CCR and was the best female singer of the night.

3.  Lilly Scott – I would have liked to put Lee Dewyze here but he was a little pitchy and Lilly nailed her song by Sam Cook so she deserves to be ahead of him.

4.  Lee Dewyze – He has great potential. If he can get his pitch problems under control I have no doubt he will make it to finale night.

5.  Andrew Garcia – Even though he has disappointed the judges with his song choice the last two weeks, the guy has amazing vocals. If he can pull it together this week he will move up to the number one slot.

6.  Casey James – Yes, I love this guy. I loved hearing him play the electric guitar and I think if he will stick to his southern rock sound he will go far.

7.  Siobhan Magnus – the dark horse of the competition. You never know what this girl is gonna bring and she has amazing talent. While I loved the choice of “Think” for her the beginning of the song had some real problems and I thought she could have made it a little more current.

8.  Didi Benami has an amazing voice and I hope she brings it this week or I’m afraid she won’t make it to the top 12. She needs to blow us and the judges away. I wish she would sing some Nora Jones.

9.  Todrick Hall – I know many of you will not agree with him being up this high on the list but I believe he has a good voice and he does make the songs his own. The judges are hypocritical and criticize him for doing what they ask of the contestants.

10.  Katelyn Epperly is the one who has surprised me during the competition. I think she is trying to incorporate her critiques from the judges and is really starting to stand out.

11.   Alex Lambert did so much better this week and had much more confidence. The judges seem to be pulling for him so I believe he will stay around a little longer.

12.  Katie Stevens is the big disappointment. She could be the one to beat but has fallen way down the radar. She needs to choose better songs to show her youthfulness and needs more confidence in her ability.

13.  Paige Miles – I’m not sure why the judges think she has the best voice of the girls. Her remake of “Walk Away” was a mess and couldn’t even be compared with Kelly’s version.

14.  Aaron Kelly – known to me as the tween vote guy. Yes he is young and sweet but if he doesn’t get his vocals together he may not make it into the top 12.

15.  Tim Urban – I can’t say anything except WHY IS HE STILL THERE???

16.  Lacey Brown – I had high hopes for this chick. Sadly she has made it to the bottom of the list with her off key performances.

Who is at the top of your list for these top 16 contenders?