American Idol 2010: Top 8 Girls Perform Tonight


Update: Simon went on the Tonight Show and revealed which performer is his favorite for the season. Check out the video and see if you agree. Hint: it’s a girl!

The field has narrowed again on American Idol 2010 after another four singers were eliminated last week. This week we’re at it again when the Top 16 face off over two nights with the Top 8 girls get things started week tonight at 8PM.

It all leads up to a Thursday night results reveal when the final batch of four aspiring stars are sent home, leaving us with our American Idol 2010 Top 12!

Performing tonight as part of the Top 8 Girls:

  • Didi Benami
  • Crystal Bowersox
  • Lacey Brown
  • Katelyn Epperly
  • Siobhan Magnus
  • Paige Miles
  • Lilly Scott
  • Katie Stevens

Last week’s results felt a little more realistic with who should have gone home, but if Lacey Brown makes the Top 12 then perhaps all hope really is lost for Idol! Who do you want to make it through this week and who do you want going home?

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Update 2: Killer K is asking for a little rock on tonight’s Idol show.




  1. The person I want to send home are (by ranking):

    TOP 1- Tim Urban(if he can sing it means every person in this world can sing)
    TOP 2- Lacey Brown(the vocals isn’t enough to be in top 12)
    TOP 3- Todrick Hall(the vocals are all over the place)
    TOP 4- Paige Miles(very good vocals but she doesn’t blow me away)

  2. Giving too much credit to Andrew Garcia, and too little to Aaron Kelly. He has got one of the best and most powerful vocals, and he sings IN TUNE. Nothing pretentious about him, and he doesn’t need to be – he just sings beautifully, and does have the whole package. Really young at 16 (but doesn’t sound it), but hope people will vote for the best singers, and not for those whom they want to date!

  3. I disagree – I think if Todrick stays in we can expect big things. He’s a talented performer, and actually creative as well.

  4. Corrie- If he is talented he must show it because this past two weeks his vocals are all over the place.

    What I was pointing out here is that if Todrick and Paige has the talent they should deliver in every performance they make, then maybe people would vote for them, because talent alone will not be enough. The best example for that is Blake Lewis, his not the best singer way back season 6 but everytime he performs he delivers it well.

  5. I disagree iwht Tapy.
    Paige has actually easily been in the Top 3 girls both weeks.
    True, she doesn’t have much of a fanbase but she has been kept around for a reason. And i think if she chooses a really good song that matches her soulful yet rocker vibe, then she could become a front runner and possibly make it far.

  6. lacey brown, Paige Miles
    aaron kelly especially “tim urban” must go home. why the hell is he still here? XD he’s a crap machine..

  7. People I want to go home in order:
    Tim Urban
    Lacey Brown
    Todrick Hall
    Casey James
    Didi Benami

    When will America realize these people cannot sing?

  8. For Ohai, you may disagree with me but again Paige didn’t connect to the viewers. It was her last chance to impress everybody!

    She has a great voice like lil round but like lil she always pick wrong choice of songs.

  9. Aj: You have it right except for Todrick Hall– who is talented and interesting.AI is in for a boring season unless they end up with Crystal, Siobhan, Katelyn,and Paige. For guys… Todrick, big Mike, Garcia,the young guy with the really big voice,and the sloppy -looking rocker. If they end up with Didi, Lacey, Lilly, Casey James, and Tim Urban it will be a BORING season with only two or three really talented contestants to duke it out. If this turns out to be the case, I’ll watch Lost.

  10. After last night’s performances, Top 3 girls = Crystal, Sioban, Lilly. 2 going home = Paige, either Lacey or Katelyn. That leaves the maybe’s = Katie, Didi, Lacey or Katelyn.

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