American Idol 2010 “Road to Hollywood” Episode Hits Dead End

The “Road to Hollywood” episode for American Idol Season 9 felt to me like they just needed to fill an hour of time and threw this together. 

It griped me that for the first half hour it was all Victoria again.  We saw brief peeks at the other guest judges but they are sure making it a point to show Posh in that purple dress an awful lot.  I’m not into her or her judging ability or the, all about how the contestants look, attitude she brings to the table.  I mean look at Susan Boyle.  No one would say she was amazing to look at but what an incredible voice!  She has sold millions of albums so in my opinion, everything Posh has represented at these auditions is a load of crap.

The highlight was seeing all the hopefuls who actually made it into the Top 24.  First up was Lee DeWyze whom we saw for all of 5 seconds and the same with Crystal Bowersox.  Then we had Lacey Brown who sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and Michael “Big Mike” Lynche that was almost disqualified from the competition because his father squeeled the news to a local newspaper that he had made it to the top 24.  We Also saw Aaron Kelly, a 16 year old who was adopted by his aunt.  He sang “The Climb” and had a good voice.

My favorite of the night was Didi Benami who sang “Hey Jude.”  She said she was singing for her best friend Rebecca who had passed away.  She kind of sounded like Nora Jones and I hope she does well.

How did you like this episode and which of these contenders do you want to see more of?